• 21 Centuries Into The Past

    Look at the Baby
    So precious and new
    The new born King
    For shepherds to view... more »

  • A Christian Christmas

    Going to have a Christmas
    A Christian Christmas will it be
    A Christmas full of mystery
    One for me, the Baby, and family... more »

  • A Friend For Eternity

    As I sail through life's open seas
    Some years the wind blows fair
    Some years the wind knocks me off my feet
    Though the storms billow and howl... more »

  • A Good Night Prayer

    Dear God,
    Thank-You for the many blessings that my country enjoys
    Thank-You for food, clothing, and shelter for our girls and boys
    Thank-You for Your power that protects us from harm... more »

  • A Hearty Thanks

    There's much to be done when You're God
    Ruler of Heaven and Earth is a mighty job
    How many worlds could there be
    That need attention from the Almighty... more »

  • A Most Humble Jewel

    Waiting the advent of the Messiah
    Waiting for our King to rule
    We found our Lord and Savior
    To be a most humble jewel... more »

  • A Refugee Christmas

    No turkey dinner for Christmas tonight
    Not a single present under an imaginary tree
    If they just find water on their desperate flight
    They would be more grateful this Christmas than you or me... more »

  • A Song In The Night

    They came from heaven
    To herald the birth
    Their light shone around
    From heaven to earth... more »

  • Are You Going The Wrong Way

    Down a one-way street
    With one eye closed and a rebel pose
    With your fate to meet... more »

  • Away In A Lowly Manger

    Away in a lowly manger
    The Christ Child sleeps
    The animals are all restless
    The donkey, oxen, and sheep... more »

  • Backyard Holiday

    Butterflies on bouquets
    A beautiful suburban style getaway
    Chores will wait
    No appointments on this date... more »

  • Because Of Jesus I'M Set Free

    Crowned among thieves
    Your glory despised
    The cross was Your burden
    Your future the skies... more »

  • Bethlehem

    A tiny little village
    Not too far from Jerusalem
    In a manger a Savior lies
    O, little town of Bethlehem... more »

  • Christ Alone

    The baby so meek and mild
    Is but a poor boy
    And just a child
    Struggles even to stay awake... more »

  • Christmas Tree

    What's on top of the Christmas tree?
    The star of Bethlehem we see
    Guiding the world to the Prince of Peace
    The One to make all misery cease... more »

  • Christmastime, Christmastime

    Christmastime, Christmastime
    Such a gay affair
    There is no season just the same
    Amongst the days anywhere... more »

  • Defender

    Into darkness the defender roars
    With light as His weapon
    In what seems like an endless war
    The victory is certain... more »

  • Do Even More

    A storm washed out the bridges
    The homeless slogged off into the haze
    Many of them were barefoot
    Some of their heads were grey... more »

  • Fickle

    On Sunday they praised
    The God who could save
    Save them from Rome
    So long did they wait... more »

  • Fighting All Along

    Mountainous terrain
    As rugged as the reign
    Of the Messiah
    Who was born Christmas Day... more »

  • Forgotten Souls

    The shadows underneath the bridge
    Have but a cheerless life to live
    Once they were a part of life
    Now they shiver in the bitter night... more »

  • From Death Will He Save

    The Christ Child had grown
    Now had gave His last breath
    That Sabbath was darkened
    Hope was buried by death... more »

  • Gifts Of Nobility

    The men from the east
    Their breath has ceased
    Where have they gone?
    What are the words to their song?... more »

  • God Is Good

    I have been given
    All that I have
    God is my leader
    Down every right path... more »

  • God Is Truly Real

    He was there when I was born
    He will be there also when I die
    Through all life's seasons
    He has never left my side... more »