• As I Consider Leaving

    As I consider leaving,
    I think of what it is that is here,
    it seems that when you concentrate on a point,
    you miss all the scenery around,... more »

  • Heart Palpitations

    heart palpitations
    future imagined events
    current worries and past history... more »

  • I Doubt

    I doubt
    the news
    coming from everywhere,
    when i am not everywhere.... more »

  • I Won't Be Defeated By The Night

    I won't be defeated by the night,
    I won't be defeated by the night,
    The darkness
    that precedes the emptiness,... more »

  • In The Box

    He remains in the box
    clicking away on his keyboard
    doing all the work for which he
    has no time to delegate it to others.... more »

  • It Just Is

    There was a strong pain
    which seared my heart...
    the scar tissue remains
    to remind me... more »

  • The Night Struck

    ... more »

  • They Remain Memories

    They remain memories

    They remain memories
    only i can recall... more »

  • Unsettled

    the prospect of the future unknown
    the prospecting of the past known
    the current state of affairs in flux, moving, not hesitating... more »