• "Cowboy Up"

    I think about this term, and what it's all about?
    Well it's reaching deep inside yourself when the wife has turned you out.
    It's getting' bucked off every bull that you've ever rode or seen;
    Going hungry, and telling yourself "I'm not starving', I'm just lean"... more »

  • "The Dying Art"

    There comes a time when you just have to walk away from the hurt and drama placed on your soul by people who would cast you aside with the first change of weather.

    We try to surround ourselves with people with integrity, flexibility and ethics, friends that make you laugh and focus on life, but if you fall will always hold out a hand to help you back up,... more »

  • Age

    Clocks stand motionless,
    abbreviation in time.
    Resolved to the outcome of matters pending,
    solitary definition to events lost.... more »

  • Aspirations

    Voices shall call us from the dark

    Will this soul of a man be judged by the heart of his partner?... more »

  • Battle Cry

    Battle Cry

    Six thousand soldiers we march through the night
    Cold winds and rain keeping the next man in sight... more »

  • Elysian Fields

    Sunshine breaks the dawn
    As stench of decay drifts on the winds our way
    The beast we have tempered today
    But tomorrow is a new morn... more »

  • Fields Of Stone,

    Fields of stone,

    I pray for guidance in this storm
    Knowing this wind will blow me on... more »

  • Fleeting Memories

    As I awake this fine morning, a new day of my life
    With fleeting memories of this woman so warm by my side
    She lays there still sleeping, this angel so in peace
    The passion of last evening our souls we did release... more »

  • O' Mother Dear

    What evil time has history chosen to bring us to this land?
    Death and dying lie all around these fields where poppies stand

    We fight this hell and pray to God we'll make it through this day... more »

  • October Morn

    Now comes the time to lay me down
    On this cold October morn
    Memories of life, which I have lived
    With all the discomforts, some glory... more »

  • Over The Top 1914 Eastern Front

    Our dead will mock the searing heat
    my wounds will blister black,
    You tell us that our strength was sold
    to help win your country back,... more »

  • The Elusive Butterfly

    Ethical, Integrity, Accountability, Compassion, Sorrow
    Words in your demented world which are foreign to your soul
    Alas the terrors of being committed to one as you flying so high
    All drawn from the heavens or hell with words that you speak in grace... more »

  • The Life He Almost Lived

    Go as a pilgrim and seek out your quest Far from the comforts and well-lit avenues of life,

    Only to bet your soul against the human unknown, seeking intimate wealth in the company of friends,... more »

  • The Quest

    Go as a pilgrim and seek out your quest
    Far from the comforts and well lit avenues of life
    Only to bet your soul against the human unknown
    Seeking intimate wealth in the company of friends... more »

  • The Sea

    As I sail this moonlit sea to home, a storm has found me out on my own

    this sea is a mountain I'll have to fly white caps of fury, so hard to survive... more »

  • The Soul Of A Soldier

    Here we sleep in death betrayed but honored in name
    So for you of little faith and governing powers can keep that peace
    For which we few paid the ultimate price only a soldier will pay... more »

  • The Venus Fly Trap

    The Venus fly trap

    So soft and smooth your hands touch mine,
    Your voice with trimmers of love,... more »

  • Unsuspecting Torture

    Dreams constantly reverting back to
    Incredible innocence of undying love
    But memories of betrayal hurt the
    Innermost sanctum of this soul... more »

  • What Of This Life

    Love can never prevail,
    Constantly denied by deceit.
    Animosity at consenting heartache
    Bewitched by the sprit on this journey... more »