• A Face In The Crowd

    At a distance I see you
    with a look of distant sorrow
    or perhaps my perception of what life is like
    to someone with no hope... more »

  • A Silent Goodbye

    you say your cold
    yet I lie here next to you

    you say you’re happy... more »

  • A Tearing At The Seams

    A once empty place
    A void of dark space and eternal nothing
    Slowly the rising color
    The trickle of trivial things, the deluge of mindless thoughts... more »

  • Achluophobia

    When shadows expire
    beneath the cold hand of night
    I lay eternally still.
    Peering from old raggedy blankets... more »

  • Anathema

    Your eyes speak in silence
    of disgust and shame
    Piercing my thinning armor
    slowly decaying my defenses... more »

  • Atlantic Waves

    Perched upon sandy beach
    crabs dig into earth's crust
    pelicans dive as if to imitate war heroes
    dolphins glide through waters untamed... more »

  • Autumn

    Walking through the summers dead
    in admiration of color and shape
    smelling the freshness of winter's arrival
    with anticipation of ice and snow... more »

  • Bath

    who takes baths anymore?
    just to soak - to think about life,
    or find inner peace
    beneath a soapy mirror.... more »

  • Belly Dancer

    You approach with covered veil,
    hiding whom you are inside.
    Slowly you move around the room,
    searching the eyes of the horde.... more »

  • Betraying Signs

    Somehow you see through the fog,
    able to discern my falsehoods, my deepest lies.
    Looking past the façade I’ve built,
    keeping all my secrets safe.... more »

  • Candles

    Feeling the auburn flame,
    a warming, yet ghostly embrace.
    Brushing behind my perspiring neck,
    causing an uncontrolled shiver down my spine.... more »

  • Cold Shower

    In slow motion the drops appear,
    coldly beating upon this worn façade.
    Wearing away the last of all I am,
    numbing me for all eternity.... more »

  • Collected

    A harsh moon washes over this tiny room
    illuminating the worn floor boards, accenting every ridge
    holding a lifetime of worn shoes and thinning socks.... more »

  • Dead Flowers

    Each day I walk through your garden,
    which you toiled incessantly.
    Giving life with those beautiful, elegant hands,
    cultivating all within your careful touch.... more »

  • Dust Bunny

    underneath it all
    a gathering of sorts -
    idle thoughts,
    a notion of success,... more »

  • Floating To The Surface

    Within the words you speak,
    softly whispering from behind your mask.
    Soothing lost syllables calling me out,
    from this ocean of hopelessness and guilt.... more »

  • For Heather

    Red sunrise, morning arrives
    a snow bunting stirs the morning air -
    crisp, as winter walks up our secret path.... more »

  • Forever Sleep

    The warmth of heavy cover overshadows me
    The moonless dark shines on my eyelids
    My mind only grasping at the small things unknowing
    As I escape my life... more »

  • Hangman

    Played the game all my life,
    guessing pieces of this enigma.
    Dreading the unavoidable finish,
    little by little outlining this image.... more »

  • Hollow

    Some assume he is strong
    a beast with cunning and alacrity
    He is looked to for guidance
    a pillar, which can hold the burden... more »

  • Hummingbird

    The sun shone today,
    leaving a ray of hope on the pillow.
    Caressed gently by the warm breeze,
    I pretend to sleep.... more »

  • I'M Dying In My Dreams

    Every night seems a little longer,
    trying to find my way in the dark.
    Crawling through these endless thoughts,
    hoping to reach the finishing line.... more »

  • Lemonade

    Our ice is melting
    in the mid-afternoon sun,
    as we stood, holding hands
    waiting for someone -... more »

  • Little Birds

    tattooed on her skin,
    seem to reach the sky
    caressing the clouds beneath her breast.... more »

  • Marionettes

    Your strings tug at me,
    directing my every move.
    Keeping me in-line
    for fear that I fail in some way.... more »