Gary Scott Gebert, when hard-pressed will say it was April 3rd of 2002 when he made his first attempt at writing anything he would deem “poetic.” This coming from a man with a long history as a musician and songwriter. Prior to April 2002, Gary felt his songwriting outlets and collaboration with other musicians was enough. The impact these talented men and women had on his growth as a musician and songwriter is found in a multitude of songs, spanning the years, and proving Gary has the ability to focus and collaborate, while also retaining his inner voice. In his first poetic piece, “The Dark Cage, ” Gary speaks of his self, but more importantly offers understanding to others who may be as lost, or as close to being found in his words:

Inside the walls, and down the stairs? I crept to hide from you …

Since April 2002, Gary has continued pouring out his thoughts and emotions, never shying to speak of fate and/or failure in their most honest forms. His earlier pieces, indeed, detail very personal issues, fears and contemplations. Gary discovered “real men can undergo personal therapy, ” while also keeping up with everyday concerns, commitments and goals along the path.

Gary’s poems later evolved into discussions over true relationship issues, trying times in his own life where marking the page, made it clearly evident where he was going. His hope was, for anyone who read his poems, that beyond their concern for him, they also found solace themselves. In that way, Gary gives back.

In yet another turning point in his writing career, isolated poet at best, Gary now sees the need to move up and out of his heart, out from behind the eyes of his readers, and the shadow of the muse.

Gary’s poetic aspirations have taken on new meaning, far-reaching, well beyond what he might have dreamed real. Life goes on, far beyond any dark cage he had built prior.

In his poem “The Dark Cage” Gary was “believing no one could enter, or escape; no one could touch what I need to keep close, ” but today in Gary’s poetry age, he realizes words are meant for sharing. He will tell you, “I am not a therapist, by any stretch and I don’t pretend to have all the answers … but I do believe we share many of the same feelings in this life, and that is why I write, to share these feelings.” Gary would like this opportunity to keep working and sharing these thoughts through his poetry.

Inspiration comes from the heart, but not the heart alone. There are many creative avenues Gary explores in his writing, depicting for us moonlit soul-searching walks, or a try at quiet contemplation during a cab ride through Los Angeles traffic. Surroundings truly set the stage for Gary's inner mood activity, which eventually makes it to the live page.

Living in North Central Wisconsin, Gary has only to step out his back door in order to further imagine a more remote retreat. On a daily basis he witnesses the dancing of trees and the lull of the creeks and songbirds, or the silence of a moonlit night. He finds inspiration in all, looking out, and then looking within, then out again.


Gary Scott Gebert Poems

Forever Sleep

The warmth of heavy cover overshadows me
The moonless dark shines on my eyelids
My mind only grasping at the small things unknowing
As I escape my life... more »

Betraying Signs

Somehow you see through the fog,
able to discern my falsehoods, my deepest lies.
Looking past the façade I’ve built,
keeping all my secrets safe.... more »


Feeling the auburn flame,
a warming, yet ghostly embrace.
Brushing behind my perspiring neck,
causing an uncontrolled shiver down my spine.... more »

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Comments about Gary Scott Gebert

Linda Preston 27 Mar 2005 03:23
I have just discovered Gary. He is very, very good. If he's not published he should be.
, , , 05 Dec 2004 04:29
I have read much of your work, sir. and I have enjoyed so much indeed, with special admiration, for the poems, A Face In The Crowd and I'm Dying In My Dreams. You have, in these pieces, and others that I read, a great capacity, to combine depth, brilliance and integrity. Thank you for the warmed pleasure, I was able to walk away with.
James Grengs 20 Oct 2004 09:20
Gary, I love your poems! they're dark, but it's the kind of dark that makes a person think about themself- it's all very good. ~James