I'm just some 15 and a half year old kid. writing about how the real world is, and how we can over come it with jesus christ and best friends. And i would like to thank Hawk Nelson for giving me awesome tunes to listen too. And i would like to thank Nina Gantz and Daniel Dismukes for always being my friends, even when times were tough. i mean this world gives us alot of crap christian or not, and I just want to give everyone a little piece of hope. I mean being depressed sucks, and I know what it feels like to be suicidal. So I figured what I could do to help my generation is to write poems that give them encouragement, and a chance to know that tomorrow will be better. Things may be hard at first but all storms eventually come to an end. So ya I'm just here to help my generation.


Gary the 3rd Poems

Take Us Back

No matter how far we stray,
He'll take us back just the same.
His love is never ending,
And his mercy is always enough.... more »

We Kids! ! !

It's not our fault society is messed up,
but we get the blame,
cuz they are too ashamed.
We go to school everyday,... more »

The Storm In Me

Sometimes I wonder,
as I watch the thunder.
What if I wasn't here,
would anyone shed a tear.... more »

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