• By Now So Sick Of Waiting

    By now so sick of waiting, I'm by now
    so beaten by the pain (by now the burn
    won't stop and he forgets so quickly how
    I trust in his return and ho ...... more »

  • Every Planet Above, And Every Star

    Every planet above, and every star,
    Gave my lord their powers at his birth:
    Each one gave him of their special worth,... more »

  • I Swear To You, Love, By Your Arrows

    I swear to you, Love, by your arrows,
    And by your powerful holy flame,
    I care not if by one I’m maimed,
    My heart burned, wasted by the other... more »

  • O All My Labours Scattered Uselessly

    O all my labours scattered uselessly
    O, all my useless scattered sighs,
    O loyalty, that never, O living fire,
    Chilled or burned others so, if I s ...... more »

  • Rime 08

    If I, who am an abject, low-born woman,
    Can bear within me such lofty fire,
    Why should I not possess at least a little
    Poetic power to tell it to the world?... more »

  • Rime 104

    O night to me more splendid and more blessed
    Than the most blessed and most splendid of days,
    Night worthy of the most exalted praise,
    Not just of mine, unworthy and distressed,... more »

  • Rime 111

    Place me where ocean breaks with angry roar,
    Or where the waters lie serene and calm,
    Place me wherever sun shoots sparks that scorch
    Or where the ice pierces with sharpest pain,... more »

  • Rime 161

    Toward that sweet nest where I remained though parting,
    And where the better part of me still lingers,
    Whether the weary sun returns or leaves,
    I always spread the wings of my desire.... more »

  • Rime 208

    ... more »

  • Rime 28

    When before those eyes, my life and light,
    my beauty and fortune in the world, I stand,
    the style, speech, passion, genius I command,
    the thoughts, conceits, feelings I incite,... more »

  • Rime 34

    Love, do you know why your fair mother gave you
    These arrows to your hands, and bound your eyes?
    That you may shoot the first wound and break
    The heart of this or any faithful lover;... more »

  • Rime 43

    Harsh is my fortune, but harsher still is the fate
    dealt me by my count: he flees from me,
    I follow him; others long for me,
    I cannot look at another man's face.... more »

  • Sonetto I

    LADIES, who of my lord would fain be told,
    Picture a gentle knight, full sweet to see,
    Though young in years, in wisdom passing old,
    Model of glory and of valiancy;... more »

  • Sonetto Ii

    DEEPLY repentant of my sinful ways
    And of my trivial, manifold desires,
    Of squandering, alas, these few brief days
    Of fugitive life in tending love's vain fires.... more »