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And you remain Born
within the light
you strayed through sands that
were the universe for you Now you find yourself
in different times in which the bird

that flies across August to its
end no longer sees you and you
can't see
the wings consuming you
But life discovers you alone

stumbling upon the flesh of
ghosts And you
That light is
nothingness The beach has already entered

summer Eternal dawn
expels you But
you remain Memory
interprets you, you are the

victim of the day that rejects and yet
exhibits you In that
light of beginnings
you survive
questioning your incorruptible body... more »


De cada vez que vínhamos à casa
dos bisavós longinquamente mortos
que para ela tinham escolhido
um lugar na pureza
da terra absoluta
principiava a primavera
e a avó saudava as andorinhas
como se no regresso
do ano anterior as mesmas fossem
e o sopro dos besouros me fazia
sentir que qualquer coisa novamente mudara
nos meus dias e o verão
subia e o calor da tarde intumescia
o sexo adolescente
e antes de regressar ao varejo da amêndoa
num silêncio de suor o jovem tio dormia
de cada vez nós víamos
da árvore desprenderem-se
os limões frios... more »


Each time we came to the house
of our long dead great grandparents
who had chosen for it
a place in the purity
of absolute earth
spring was just beginning
and grandmother would greet the swallows
as if they were the same
returning from the previous year
and the buzzing of the beetles would make me
feel that something was changing
in my days and summer
would be rising and the afternoon heat would swell
my adolescent sex
and before going back to shaking down the almonds
my young uncle in a silence of sweat would be lying asleep
each time we would see
cool lemons
dropping from their tree... more »

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