• A Couplet For Happiness

    ... more »

  • A Fatherly Wish

    My dear Lord I thank you for
    Having made me the man I am.
    For myself I need not more
    Except a daughter in a pram.... more »

  • A Longing

    Oftentimes I do wake up,
    In the middle of the night,
    To a bed- dark and lonely-
    And an emptiness inside.... more »

  • A Message

    If She ever gets this message,
    I just want Her to know:
    Her thoughts shall always surround me,
    Wherever I may go.... more »

  • Ache

    This Ache inside my Heart -
    Does refuse to part
    ...with me.... more »

  • An Insignificant Gift

    Dearest Love of mine,
    On this day,
    When these fine stars do shine
    With all their... more »

  • Beethoven's Surprise Visit

    I was sitting in a cafe,
    In the company of strangers,
    Listening intently
    To what they had to say;... more »

  • Black And Ivory

    I wish I were a pianist
    A pianist is all I dream to be
    Reading the language of the clef
    Writing the words of melody... more »

  • Bua

    Even though on this day,
    In the eyes of the world you die;
    You - my Bua - my second Mother.
    Yet, this son, does not cry.... more »

  • Call Of The Ocean

    The Ocean calls out to me.
    It says: 'Come to me.
    Drown your Self in me.
    Become One with me.... more »

  • Dream To Be A Child

    Who or what I am,
    I will never know;
    Dream to be a child
    Never want to grow.... more »

  • Enslaved Thoughts

    To her keeps on turning,
    My every single thought.
    These thoughts, wild and yearning,
    In one web have been caught.... more »

  • Eternal Solitude

    Sitting beneath a banyan tree
    Losing my sense of reality
    My heart and mind were once free
    Am no longer what I used to be... more »

  • Family

    When I was a little child
    In my dreams God said to me:
    'I give you an important task;
    Your highest responsibility.'... more »

  • Hate And Me

    My own Hate loves me -
    I'm the object of her desire.
    In my heart dwells she,
    Incinerating it with ire.... more »

  • Heart And Mind

    I am but a battlefield -
    A constant war wages on.
    The warriors: Heart and Mind;
    Between the two I stay torn.... more »

  • Heartbreak

    She caught my heart's eye
    And tempted him -
    With her smile, her hair,
    Her eyes, breasts and... more »

  • Her Voice

    'Not a day can pass
    Lest you hear her voice'
    So said this calm heart
    In the midst of noise... more »

  • I Shall Fly

    Sometimes, when I look
    Out of the window,
    I see trees and a
    Dove as white as snow.... more »

  • I Shall Not Die

    Just when I thought
    That I had it all
    Life gave me a push
    And made me fall... more »

  • Insane Reality

    Occasionally I make
    The innocent mistake,
    Of opening these eyes
    To the world around me.... more »

  • Let Us Make Love

    Let us make love.
    Let us walk through
    These doors of Inhibition
    And go to a place... more »

  • Loneliness

    Lonely I am -
    Always shall be.
    Almost as lonely
    As the solitary Tree... more »

  • Memories

    Your memories,
    Though hard I try,
    I don't know why
    Still make me cry -... more »

  • Music

    Oh Music - first love of my -
    Wonder where would be I,
    Without the comfort of thy
    Sacred notes - low and high,... more »