Gautami Phookan Poems

Eternal Love

Equipped with feathers, in the wind it flows
Ascends, comes down and flourishes on blue;
above the sea, beyond the dark and deep,
my love extends and balances, on wings....... more »

Touch Me- Dusk

I walk
through the woods
swirling whiteness,
thick blanket of mist;... more »

Apollo And Daphne

Silver floats the moon and boughs slender sway,
fleeing on her trembling breath
her light feet braves.
Rising of the lea in the dappled grey,... more »

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Comments about Gautami Phookan

Georgios Venetopoulos 09 May 2014 03:57
The elegant and feminine mode of Gautami's expression has given to the term free verse her innovative and always well respected, very personal and valid definition.
Georgios Venetopoulos 21 Apr 2014 11:22
Gautami Phookan is an exceptional poetess. The aura she emits through her compositions is of a deeply contemplating mind and romantically perceiving soul. Her expressions resemble oil on canvas paintings that portray multidimensional conditions of feelings, landscapes, shapes and forms of her conceivably ideal, isolated worlds.