• Old Paint

    'My paintings are my children.'
    Fool! Come meet
    An artist with no babies.
    You bet she'd sell... more »

  • Roman Fountain

    What stern face gives water at the crossroads?
    Fashioned in stone by nameless hands,
    he glowers through centuries, waiting for thirsty passers-by
    who bow before the dour eyes,... more »

  • Sarpedon

    Some read in bed.
    I listen,
    fall asleep to Homer's mayhem,
    the tape on endless play... more »

  • Snack Pack

    I’ve just understood:
    the longer the flight,
    the bigger the pack.
    Nashville to Baltimore... more »

  • Upon Having A Bush Sticker Move In Next Door

    One must move on.
    Past violation.... more »