• And I Love You... X X

    Baby i love you,
    More than words could say,
    This bond we have between us,
    Just gets stronger every day.... more »

  • Dear Dad

    You are the only man in my life,
    That will have my love ‘til the end,
    You are the only one I think of;
    To be forever my friend,... more »

  • Dear Grandad (R.I.P St. Patrick's Day 2005)

    I love you Grandad,
    But now it’s time to say bye,
    Please don’t forget me,
    Once you’ve flown high.... more »

  • Difficult Times

    I feel so depressed and all so alone,
    So many thoughts in my head,
    I’m telling you now I sometimes wish,
    That I would actually wake up dead.... more »

  • Hiding The Truth

    I sit here thinking,
    What a mess I’ve become,
    Haunting memories,
    Of the bad things I’ve done,... more »

  • I Feel

    I feel like nobody needs me,
    I feel like nobody cares,
    I feel as though no-one would notice,
    If one day I just wasn’t there.... more »

  • I Know How You Feel

    I know what you’re thinking,
    And just how you feel,
    You’re heart’s split in two,
    The pain is so real.... more »

  • I Lied About My Love For You

    I said I didn’t love you,
    It seemed easier to lie,
    The hardest thing of all,
    Was telling you goodbye.... more »

  • I'M In Love With A Man

    I’m in love with a man,
    So perfect is he,
    Together forever,
    Shall we be,... more »

  • Sometimes

    Sometimes I feel alive,
    Sometimes I feel dead,
    Sometimes my heart aches,
    Sometimes it’s all in my head.... more »

  • Tonight's The Night

    Tonight’s the night,
    I said in my head,
    I don’t care anymore,
    I wish I was dead.... more »

  • Where Have Three Years Gone?

    Three Years Have Now Passed,
    Well What Can I Say?
    I Still Sit Here Thinking;
    Why Couldn't You Stay?... more »