• Clouds Wont Look So Grey.....

    Its been hard from the start but you have always had my heart,
    When you hould me it feels right I hate not sleeping next to you at night.
    When you smile it makes me smile, When your sad it makes me frown,
    but then you become my very own clown.... more »

  • Good Bye

    I lost my best mate six years ago I never got to tell him how i felt
    I loved him wiv all my heart every single part
    he killed his self that was the hardest why couldnt he talk to me
    was it really that bad he wanted to be free... more »

  • I Wish I New How To Make U Forgive

    I am sat at my computer waiting for a reply
    but all i really want to do is cry
    i am so sorry i keep telling u, i mean it to
    i no we havent known each other that long but i no this is gonna b like a sad song... more »

  • If Its A Crime

    every minit of every day it never seems to fade away,
    ur on my mind all the time, and if that really is a crime,
    id go to prison just for you i wouldnt even have to think it threw,
    i hope one day you fill the same way as i look at u sleep so peacful and deep xxx... more »

  • Il Never Give Up

    I really did think that I had been in love befor but now i no diffrent............
    Why I sit gear watching you sleep I no the way I feel for you is so deep............
    Looking so peacful and still I wounder how you truley feel..........
    I love the way you smile, the way you touch and the way you kiss and i wish I could say what we have is total bliss.......... more »

  • Rich Who

    I hate u i really do how can u be so cold but never get the flew
    Al i wanted was your forgiveness but you carryed on like it was nun of you bisness
    I once trusted you but what did you do threw it back in my face left me with out a trace
    It hurts to say good bye i might even cry... more »