• A Hilda Passed Through Me...

    A Hilda Passed Through Me...

    I roam like butterflies
    When was I born, what am I doing,... more »

  • An Imaginary Journey...

    The sun rises from behind the world,
    His face is not very distinguished, it may catch my eye in a little while.
    I see a sunset purple lonely tree
    A small island, purple, red waters now too... more »

  • Ask

    I believe and hope that
    Science and technology developing day by day
    As it has alleviated the burden on one's back until today
    The day will come and he will lighten the burden on his heart.... more »

  • Conquest

    basically we will never see or know each other. What a painful thing this is for me that I can only know you as much as you wrote, if you only knew! You will increase step by step with letters, your whole body will be formed with words and your sentences will be your soul. We will love each other by reading and touching, we will make love by understanding.

    So, how can I relieve the pain of being deprived of your beauty, which is not a way to explain that the alphabet is weak in the face of your beauty, that letters are weak, words are inadequate, and sentences are lost? It is not enough for me to live by reading, even though I know you exist! I would forget my life by your side! I would like to sleep in your arms, a vast, endless sleep, and the joy of seeing your beauty when I wake up, was born like a new sun in me.... more »

  • Does Not Remove

    I couldn't forget
    I could not forget anything.
    I hear the echo of the past
    I hear the echo like a scream... more »

  • Eye To Eye

    You are not dating!
    You never go out of my mind!
    You make me dizzy
    My head...... more »

  • Fight

    It spreads from fine to thin
    Seep into every hole
    It affects the body
    It leaves you still... more »

  • Forest Of Question

    The mystery underlying the earth
    There are as many mysteries above you
    Mind-blowing things
    He is asleep, waiting to be awakened.... more »

  • Forget-Me-Not My Flower...

    I was the voice of poems without music
    I was the word of music without poetry

    Now is... more »

  • From Your Eyes...

    not with my body with your lumps
    Tap the notes
    Massage me with the music
    Because my soul hurts.... more »

  • Gencay & Bkaraer

    Common Poetry
    poet Gencay
    Poet Bkaraer... more »

  • Get Away From Me

    He has a speed of words, higher than the speed of sound
    Everyone can benefit from it
    Worldly things are silent
    They talk.... more »

  • I Came To You

    To know the essence of poetry in your heart,
    I have come to you, O master of my heart, your only lover, by crossing the streets with tears dripping from their roofs, leaving behind the trees that never bloom...

    How many times have I come to you to lose my growing insomnia with a sleep without holes in your chest, to forget my self, which is burned in nothingness, in the smile on your cheeks, to hug you, O life, my life.... more »

  • I Don't Care...

    What kind of lover are you?
    What is your gender?
    In love with you in woman and man
    How many centuries they are looking for you... more »

  • I Have A Headache...

    I have a headache...

    I smile and suddenly started to sing,
    to his ridiculous effort to wake me up.... more »

  • I Kiss

    What am I with in this world without you?
    If you exist, I live like poetry,
    If you're not there, I'll write you poems,
    What else am I with in this world?... more »

  • If Science Does Not Give Up From The Human, I Will Not Give Up From You...

    Ian: I believe we've known each other forever.

    Sofi: really?... more »

  • I'm Sleeping Life.

    I like to write poetry, but...
    Sometimes my thoughts run away from me
    Sometimes like a butterfly
    They're on my shoulder, whispering in my ear... more »

  • Looking To The Sky

    - Sometimes I catch your gaze, long, long, hours of looking and thinking. What is in this sky that captures your eyes like this?

    - Everything has its source. The beginning and end of everything. A being has no end, it has change. There is no death, there is change. Beings die only when they change, for that moment. And this death is a new birth after change. They die for that moment, they are born for the next. Change is born and lives between two moments immortal.... more »

  • Matryoshka - All Poems-Pray To Good

    Pray to god

    You are far from thoughts
    And it is as close as thought takes action.... more »

  • Mind.


    Your nerves break suddenly
    You get caught in tears... more »

  • My Brain Games

    Stranger to each other but mixed
    I can't tell if it's a dream or a nightmare
    Like things with razor cuts
    I've seen tons of things for how many days.... more »

  • My Piero'm

    It has been raining continuously for two days,
    On such days, as soon as I get back from work, I go to my room, smoke a few cigarettes and go to bed immediately. I neither find the strength to read a book nor the appetite to eat. I am not talking about sleeping, no, of going under the blanket and watching my thoughts for hours and those long dreams I had, impossible to come true. I am hungry but I cannot eat, I wonder but I cannot read, I just dream and think. Countries where we were not, impossible seas, impossible greens, and tales, stories and events that never existed anywhere, I imagine that I left this life for a moment, maybe even never existed in this life, I always live there, in the lands of my dreams. But the sounds of rain and wind, cars and people coming from the outside suddenly pull me out of my peaceful and happy land and throw me like a garbage into this despicable land where I am unhappy and unhappy, as if your place is not palaces, heavens, places of peace and happiness., four-walled dungeon with this blanket under which you lie! they say. Where you have to work, eat, drink, sleep, wake up even more painful, one day you must die, lonely, restless, bored, overwhelmed, this is the place you don't like! they say. This despicable place of wars, blood, sickness, pain, suffering, separation, rape, injustice and tears, you deserve! they say...
    Maybe I'll make it like that... What is the fault of rain and wind?
    What's wrong with the noises made by lifeless mechanical cars? I can't say the same about people, but they definitely have a fault!... more »

  • My Preferences

    Today I don't know if I'm happy or not.
    I noticed that the love, which haunted me since my first education, was slowly getting off my collar today. I wouldn't love it anymore, I wouldn't miss it, I wouldn't dream. Therefore, I would not suffer for the sake of love. I was free now, the doors of the cage in me were wide open. I knew that the thing called love had made me this sluggish. I was like a ninety-year-old man out of jail. A man without family, who has neither a person nor a material asset behind him. I suddenly found myself kneeling at the doors of my heart's cage, like a man who did not know where to go, who had no one, and who was not holding hands.

    My first job was to light a cigarette. In my old clothes, I sat on a curb to relieve my aching knees from crouching. The season was summer, the weather was cool and hot. After thinking for a few minutes, I had nowhere to go and nothing to do, so I forced myself slowly towards a quiet place to spend the night. Above, the sky was bright, shining brightly. I sat in the shade. It was painless. Not even the slightest noise of the wind was making. And in such environments, we only hear the voices of field beetles, whose names we don't quite know. I was hearing it too. Flies would come and land on my face, I was not even able to drive him away. I wanted them to eat, eat me, eat me, drink my blood. At one point I fell asleep and had strange, intermittent nightmares. When I woke up, I went to the flowing spring a little ahead and washed my hands and face. I drank a sip of water. When I saw my reflection in the accumulated water, I froze for a moment and stood there. Was that me My beards and hair were white, my face and forehead were wrinkled. My eyes, my eyes had lost their color, voice and vitality. A feeling of emptiness, a fear, suddenly flowed down my heart. Suddenly, two drops of tears flowed from my eyes without knowing why. I thought the spring was cursed and left. Maybe I was the one who was cursed. So suddenly it got dark, I threw myself under a tree all alone. I did not sleep until the morning, I thought.... more »

  • Never Forget Me

    Never Forget Me...

    I've lived loving you so far
    I never had anybody but you... more »