I live in a small town somewhere in western Canada. I am a fire officer in our local fire depatment and I am grateful to have the chance to help those who can not help themselves. I recently began writing poetry out of a need to express my feelings and as you will see, I try to put as much feeling into my poems as possible. I live life to the fullest of my abilities and enjoy the benefits of family and good friends. I write for myself, but I hope you can find some enjoyment in my rudimentary poems. Thank you for reading them.


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The Portrait

I find myself transfixed by the most amazing portrait
And as I examine it with a critics eye
I become more aware of the depth
And the detail on the surface... more »

If My Heart Had Wings

If my heart had wings
It could not fly any higher
Than it does when you and I are together... more »


The waiting is the worst part
Not knowing where your heart may be…
Is it still beating or am I wasting my time?
Has it been discarded like yesterdays trash?... more »

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Colleen Wright 03 Aug 2006 01:32
Thank you for your thoughts Gene [a wonderful name] Yes, I have long since accepted the death of my Dad... it was a blessing at the time. Sometimes I think that by writing poems that others may associate and feel better for reading them. I love your poem of the Caterpillar... Do read my 'funny' experience of one, in my poem ' A Surprise before your Eyes' - I think you will smile. Hope so. Sincerely, Colleen.