• A Wasted Youth

    The call came in early in the morning
    I was dreaming of my love, so distant and untouchable... more »

  • If My Heart Had Wings

    If my heart had wings
    It could not fly any higher
    Than it does when you and I are together... more »

  • The Autumn Wind

    The autumn wind is blowing in
    I can see traces of it’s passing
    in the color of the leaves
    Each day the rich green leaves... more »

  • The Best Gift Of All

    No words are needed
    The distance is insurmountable
    The communication could not be clearer
    No satalite could transmit in higher definition... more »

  • The Death Of A Caterpillar Is Not Necessarily A Bad Thing

    It starts out as such a small thing
    Not knowing what it will become
    At first there is much growing
    But the changes are quite awkward... more »

  • The Inhale Of You

    Baby, it’s easy to see
    how you get into my soul
    It starts when you smile
    your eyes light up when you do... more »

  • The Portrait

    I find myself transfixed by the most amazing portrait
    And as I examine it with a critics eye
    I become more aware of the depth
    And the detail on the surface... more »

  • The Quilt Of Love

    The late summer breeze blows
    A hint of winter’s coming snow
    A hint of peaches ripe on the vine
    A strange mix that makes the senses reel... more »

  • Unfulfilled

    The waiting is the worst part
    Not knowing where your heart may be…
    Is it still beating or am I wasting my time?
    Has it been discarded like yesterdays trash?... more »

  • Who Are We To Each Other

    Who are we to each other that this love is so deep?

    I am your wind that blows across the open prairie
    You are my tall grass that lives only to wave in the breeze... more »