• A New Years Eve

    The night is black and cold and streetlamps in rows
    The highways abandoned for whiskey and wine
    The world is so empty it could almost be mine... more »

  • Dunes At Night

    I find myself deep in a sandy trench
    Peeking o'er the top and I've found a lovely sight
    A seaside at night and stretching for miles!
    Ruined castles on distant knolls, an infinte coast,... more »

  • Solveig's Dream

    I dreamt last night of some northern land
    Of a winter there!
    A little old cabin and no others for miles
    The chimney sending smoke into a flat white sky... more »

  • Soon Winter

    I've waited so patiently for its crispy edges
    Octobers lines of frosted hedges, it's fallen piles of berries and twigs
    It's beautiful dying things... more »

  • The Thing About The North

    When I was a child, and my Father would drive
    The road signs were green, and always pointing north
    North to some place I'd never been... more »

  • Train Journey

    Poking and picking at yellowing teeth
    Sharpening formidable nails - obsessively
    His table strewn with odds and ends
    His keys and his phone, things from his home... more »

  • Winter Image

    Hunched to the side, and taking her child's reaching hand
    A mother in wintery clothing
    The blue of her jacket and the furs `round her neck,
    I notice them off in the distance... more »