• Gentle Kisses

    Gentle kisses, you will never miss.
    Covering your mine with heavenly bliss.
    A passionate touch, shivers begin to start.
    You feel the tickle, down deep in your heart.... more »

  • Made By God

    Knock, knock, knock, I hear at my door.
    My heart beats faster, as I cross the floor.
    Anticipation rises, as I reach out my hand.
    I open the door, and there does she stand.... more »

  • My True Love, My Best Friend

    There is something that you should know,
    My love for you will only grow.
    I know life has made you fear,
    But know I will always be here.... more »

  • Stormy Days

    Rain come my way, and stay for a while.
    Guard me from the pain, that I’m feeling right now.
    My eyes are a streaming, but no one can see.
    Because you’re warm moistness is covering me.... more »

  • You Do Not Care

    You do not care what happens to me.
    This you have shown, and taught me to see.
    you called me the devil and this is not true,
    For I carry love in my heart, only for you.... more »