• For Ann-Marie

    Down in the woods so green a deer hides from being seen

    For hunters come from all around to shot them down to the ground... more »

  • For My Daughter

    There she is a little flower
    Sitting alone in a shower.
    Thinking about the world around,
    When there is little sound.... more »

  • For My Daughter Stacey

    To have a child is a wonderful gift,

    To have her taken is pain beyond compare.... more »

  • Valentine,

    A love like this is a rear a strange joy

    A love like this is not a toy.... more »

  • Wonderful, By Stacey

    It's wonderful to have a,
    Real dad in my life,
    Most of my questions have been answered,
    By the 1 person who can answer them,... more »