• All The Talents

    When the broad-bottom
    'd Junto, with reason at strife,
    Resign'd, with a sigh, its political life;... more »

  • Blue And Buff

    Come, sportive Muse, with plume satiric,
    Describe each lawless, bold empiric,
    Who, with the Blue and Buffs' sad crew,
    Now stripp'd in buff, shall look so blue.... more »

  • Elijah's Mantle

    When, by th' Almighty's dread command
    Elijah, call'd from Israel's land,
    Rose in the sacred flame,... more »

  • Epigram

    ... more »

  • Moderate Men And Moderate Measures

    Praise to placeless proud ability,
    Let the prudent muse disclaim;
    And sing the Statesman--all civility--
    Whom moderate talents raise to fame.... more »

  • New Morality

    From mental mists to purge a nation's eyes;
    To animate the weak, unite the wise;
    To trace the deep infection, that prevades
    The crowded town, and taints the rural shades;... more »

  • Ode To The

    How blest, how firm the Statesman stands,
    (Him no low intrigue shall move),
    Circled by faithful kindred bands,
    And propp'd by fond fraternal love.... more »

  • On The Death Of His Eldest Son

    Though short thy space, God's unimpeach'd decrees
    Which made that shorten'd space one long disease;
    Yet, merciful in chast'ning, gave thee scope... more »

  • Parody

    For one long term, or e'er her trial came,
    Here Brownrigg linger'd. Often have these cells
    Echoed her blasphemies, as with shrill voice
    She scream'd for fresh Geneva. Not to her... more »

  • Song

    Whene'er with haggard eyes I view
    This dungeon that I'm rotting in,
    I think of those companions true
    Who studied with me at the U—... more »

  • The Friend Of Humanity And The Knife-Grinder

    1'Needy Knife-grinder! whither are you going?
    2Rough is the road, your wheel is out of order-
    3Bleak blows the blast;-your hat has got a hole in't,
    4 So have your breeches!... more »

  • The Grand Consulation

    "Ambubaiarum Collegia Pharmacopeiæ."

    --Horace.... more »

  • The New-Old Opposition

    It is said, the Great Men, who are seized with the pouts,
    At their suddenly alter'd condition;
    Who so late were the Ins, and so soon were the Outs,
    Have decreed a severe Opposition.... more »

  • The Pilgrimage To Mecca

    What holy rites Mohammed's laws ordain,
    What various duties bind his faithful train,--
    What pious zeal his scatter'd tribes unites
    In fix'd observance of these holy rites,--... more »

  • The Pilot That Weath'D The Storm

    If hush'd the loud whirlwind that ruffled the deep,
    The sky, if no longer dark tempests deform;
    When our perils are past, shall our gratitude sleep?
    No!--Here's to the Pilot who weather'd the storm!... more »

  • The Slavery Of Greece

    Unrivall'd Greece! thou ever honor'd name,
    Thou nurse of heroes dear to deathless fame!
    Though now to worth, to honor all unknown,
    Thy lustre faded, and thy glories flown;... more »

  • The Traitor's Epitah

    ... more »

  • Though Short Thy Span, God's Unimpeach'D Decrees

    Though short thy span, God's unimpeach'd decrees,
    Which made that shorten'd span one long disease,
    Yet merciful in chastening, gave thee scope
    For mild, redeeming virtues, Faith and Hope;... more »