• Afternoon In The Canyon

    The river sings in its alcoves of stone.
    I cross its milky water on an old log—
    beneath me waterskaters
    dance in the mesh of roots.... more »

  • Dawn

    Clouds rise from their nests
    with flapping wings, they whisper
    of worn leather, bracken, long
    horizons, and the manes of dark... more »

  • Poem For Jean Varda

    I apostrophize

    panoplies & processions
    caryatids with their sad hearts
    & breasts of porphyry... more »

  • Scattering Flowers

    It is our best and prayerful judgment that they (air attacks) are a necessary part of the surest road to peace.
    Lyndon B. Johnson

    There is a dark tolling in the air,... more »

  • The One Whose Reproach I Cannot Evade

    She sits in her glass garden
    and awaits the guests -
    The sailor with the blue tangerines
    the fish clothed in languages... more »