• A Story Of The Sea-Shore

    Let your tears flow; let your sad sighs have scope;
    Only take heed they fan, they water Hope.... more »

  • A Thanksgiving For F. D. Maurice

    The veil hath lifted and hath fallen; and him
    Who next it stood before us, first so long,
    We see not; but between the cherubim... more »

  • A Vision Of St. Eligius


    I see thy house, but I am blown about,
    A wind-mocked kite, between the earth and sky,... more »

  • A Winter Prayer

    Come through the gloom of clouded skies,
    The slow dim rain and fog athwart;
    Through east winds keen with wrong and lies... more »

  • A Year Song

    Sighing above,
    Rustling below,
    Thorough the woods
    The winds go.... more »

  • Abu Midjan

    'If I sit in the dust
    For lauding good wine,
    Ha, ha! it is just:
    So sits the vine!'... more »

  • After An Old Legend

    The monk was praying in his cell,
    With bowed head praying sore;
    He had been praying on his knees
    For two long hours and more.... more »

  • After The Fashion Of An Old Emblem

    I have long enough been working down in my cellar,
    Working spade and pick, boring-chisel and drill;... more »

  • After Thomas Kempis


    Who follows Jesus shall not walk
    In darksome road with danger rife;... more »

  • An Autumn Song

    Are the leaves falling round about
    The churchyard on the hill?
    Is the glow of autumn going out?
    Is that the winter chill?... more »

  • An Evening Prayer

    I am a bubble
    Upon thy ever-moving, resting sea:
    Oh, rest me now from tossing, trespass, trouble!
    Take me down into thee.... more »

  • An Improvisation

    The stars cleave the sky.
    Yet for us they rest,
    And their race-course high
    Is a shining nest!... more »

  • An Old Sermon With A New Text

    My wife contrived a fleecy thing
    Her husband to infold,
    For 'tis the pride of woman still... more »

  • An Old Story


    In the ancient house of ages,
    See, they cannot rest!... more »

  • Angels

    Came of old to houses lonely
    Men with wings, but did not show them:
    Angels come to our house, only,
    For their wings, they do not know them!... more »

  • Annie She's Dowie

    Annie she's dowie, and Willie he's wae:
    What can be the matter wi' siccan a twae,
    For Annie she's fair as the first o' the day,... more »

  • Antiphon

    Daylight fades away.
    Is the Lord at hand
    In the shadows gray
    Stealing on the land?... more »

  • Appeal

    If in my arms I bore my child,
    Would he cry out for fear
    Because the night was dark and wild
    And no one else was near?... more »

  • Approaches

    When thou turn'st away from ill,
    Christ is this side of thy hill.... more »

  • At My Window After Sunset

    Heaven and the sea attend the dying day,
    And in their sadness overflow and blend-
    Faint gold, and windy blue, and green and gray:... more »

  • Autumn Song

    Autumn clouds are flying, flying
    O'er the waste of blue;
    Summer flowers are dying, dying,... more »

  • Autumn's Gold

    Along the tops of all the yellow trees,
    The golden-yellow trees, the sunshine lies;
    And where the leaves are gone, long rays surprise... more »

  • Awake!

    The stars are all watching;
    God's angel is catching
    At thy skirts in the darkness deep!
    Gold hinges grating,... more »

  • Baby

    Where did you come from, baby dear?
    Out of the everywhere into here.... more »

  • Bedtime

    'Come, children, put away your toys;
    Roll up that kite's long line;
    The day is done for girls and boys-... more »