• Bell Upon Organ

    It's all very well,
    Said the Bell,
    To be the big Organ below!
    But the folk come and go,... more »

  • Better Things

    Better to smell the violet
    Than sip the glowing wine;
    Better to hearken to a brook
    Than watch a diamond shine.... more »

  • Bird-Songs

    I will sing a song,
    Said the owl.
    You sing a song, sing-song
    Ugly fowl!... more »

  • Blessed Are The Meek, For They Shall Inherit The Earth

    A quiet heart, submissive, meek,
    Father, do thou bestow,
    Which more than granted, will not seek
    To have, or give, or know.... more »

  • Blind Bartimeus

    As Jesus went into Jericho town,
    Twas darkness all, from toe to crown,
    About blind Bartimeus.
    He said, 'My eyes are more than dim,... more »

  • Blind Sorrow

    'My life is drear; walking I labour sore;
    The heart in me is heavy as a stone;
    And of my sorrows this the icy core:... more »

  • Born Of Water

    Methought I stood among the stars alone,
    Watching a grey parched orb which onward flew
    Half blinded by the dusty winds that blew,... more »

  • Brother Artist

    Brother artist, help me; come!
    Artists are a maimed band:
    I have words but not a hand;
    Thou hast hands though thou art dumb.... more »

  • Christmas Day And Every Day

    Star high,
    Baby low:
    'Twixt the two
    Wise men go;... more »

  • Christmas Day, 1850

    Beautiful stories wed with lovely days
    Like words and music:-what shall be the tale
    Of love and nobleness that might avail... more »

  • Christmas Meditation

    He who by a mother's love
    Made the wandering world his own,
    Every year comes from above,
    Comes the parted to atone,... more »

  • Christmas Prayer

    Cold my heart, and poor, and low,
    Like thy stable in the rock;
    Do not let it orphan go,
    It is of thy parent stock!... more »

  • Christmas Song Of The Old Children

    Well for youth to seek the strong,
    Beautiful, and brave!
    We, the old, who walk along
    Gently to the grave,... more »

  • Christmas, 1873

    Christmas-Days are still in store:-
    Will they change-steal faded hither?
    Or come fresh as heretofore,
    Summering all our winter weather?... more »

  • Christmas, 1880

    Great-hearted child, thy very being
    The Son
    Who know'st the hearts of all us prodigals;-... more »

  • Christmas, 1884

    Though in my heart no Christmas glee,
    Though my song-bird be dumb,
    Jesus, it is enough for me
    That thou art come.... more »

  • Christmas-Day, 1878

    I think I might be weary of this day
    That comes inevitably every year,
    The same when I was young and strong and gay,... more »

  • Come Down

    Still am I haunting
    Thy door with my prayers;
    Still they are panting
    Up thy steep stairs!... more »

  • Come To Me

    Come to me, come to me, O my God;
    Come to me everywhere!
    Let the trees mean thee, and the grassy sod,
    And the water and the air!... more »

  • Come Unto Me

    Come unto me, the Master says:-
    But how? I am not good;
    No thankful song my heart will raise,
    Nor even wish it could.... more »

  • Coming

    When the snow is on the earth
    Birds and waters cease their mirth;
    When the sunlight is prevailing
    Even the night-winds drop their wailing.... more »

  • Concerning Jesus


    If thou hadst been a sculptor, what a race
    Of forms divine had thenceforth filled the land!... more »

  • Confidence

    Lie down upon the ground, thou hopeless one!
    Press thy face in the grass, and do not speak.
    Dost feel the green globe whirl? Seven times a week... more »

  • Consider The Ravens

    Lord, according to thy words,
    I have considered thy birds;
    And I find their life good,
    And better the better understood:... more »

  • Contrition

    Out of the gulf into the glory,
    Father, my soul cries out to be lifted.
    Dark is the woof of my dismal story,... more »