• Frosty

    Though the mighty winters fire is stoked, the breath and blast of ages past...

    removes the heat which made us glad to remember the childhood... more »

  • Frustration!

    When you leave... close the door, and don't look back, it won't open.

    Don't think, don't care, don't want to know, its all too familliar anyway!... more »

  • Helios

    Sparks fly as the surface of the sun seems to course across your silent white delicate frame.

    I know you, as you know the words I have not spoken.... more »

  • Pain

    This body.... One soul... Pain creeps in..... Writhing, starting stoping.... Stinging burning evil churning!
    Once inside it stays and won't leave like a bad neighbor it continues to bother me with unwanted attention!
    My body aches with fear and loathing for this unwanted companion who always shows up unexpectedly!
    Find a solution my body screams but this fiend just won't leave. He just stays around till I'm too exhausted to care!... more »

  • Picayune

    Just a little extra I heard the young girl say as she swayed to the sounds

    Mardi Gras makes! The Trumpets play the Indians Way, and Petes... more »

  • Rear Your Ugly Head

    What a tragedy, the people we meet are not perfect, and for some

    Strange reason we get to feelin...Bad about It... take pills and Feel... more »

  • Those Old Captains And Kings

    Oh, how they strive to influence and control the hive!
    They struggle so hard to make Honey from Lard, for they are the Captains and Kings!

    In Terror they scream, we can't let the people know what we do.... more »

  • Touch Me Not

    Those little flowers in the Garden that tease the snails that crawl

    across their tiny petals. Wanting more, they retract alowing for the... more »