• 2 Paths

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  • S

    The softest sweet surrender abiding by no guided life agenda,
    Has rendered you free,
    Smoke fills your lungs but outside you can see.
    Clear as day, pure as love,... more »

  • The Maze

    Impossible to think in days, weeks or years, the future has an overwhelming reality of fear.
    You live in a daze, a blurred haze, the grass green walls keep you trapped in a never ending maze of which you can't get out. There's no need to try, what would be on the other side if you haven't a place to hide, what are you looking for?
    You've almost forgot, a ray of sunshine appears through the leaves of the branches, a crossroad approaches; left, right or straight on? You have a guess, take your chances,2 paths would have been enough of a choice but now three lay ahead, the bright yellow light is starting to go down, night approaches and the cold begins, looking for a place to lay your head again, but the grass is wet and unforgiving.
    You laugh out loud at the ridiculousness of it all.... more »

  • The Search

    Searching for a place with ultimate solidarity,
    Confused in this world with no sense of clarity,
    A sea of faces walk by without any familiarity,
    Your mental severity has reached a state of hilarity.... more »