• Cancer


    My hair’s abandoned my skin.
    My body is numb with decay.... more »

  • Holy Water

    Holy Water

    Hear the sound of rushing water shut out your scream.
    Trust me, fall back and it’ll be right there.... more »

  • I'M Not Okay One More Time

    I’m Not Okay One More Time

    Even if I stay you won’t take away the venom.
    I cut my heart out and sewed back an empty chest just to ease the pain on the inside.... more »

  • Redisimperfection


    Everyday, I get up just to tell myself to smile.
    Honestly, I couldn’t hate myself more for it.... more »

  • Sleep


    There’s a time for everything and a time for everything to end.
    Nothing to make sense out of but the shattered remains of my heart.... more »

  • War


    I try to stay alive and remember my name.
    But everyone ones screaming and they’re swallowing bullets to shut them up.... more »