• Christmas - Joseph And Mary.


    i. Joseph.... more »

  • Home Movie

    I know the scene – an aunt,
    the mix of perfume and talc,
    demanding a kiss
    on her rouged target of cheek.... more »

  • Love

    We leave our mark
    by what we do:
    the heart's tattoo,
    a fading keyboard's E,... more »

  • My Father's Hand

    I like to wear a band around my wrist,
    an amulet of copper, links of bling,
    a hippy weave of cotton or dried grass.... more »

  • Night Shift

    Night Shift

    You’re sleeping with your back to me tonight.
    I reach around. Still sleeping you say: Later.... more »

  • Sonata

    When you’re alone with that sweet wood,
    the strings silent, bow taut, the heart hesitant;
    go into the Forest of Birse and listen.
    Moonlight is best; you know the music of days.... more »

  • What My Father Taught Me About Love

    I knew but never heard you say the word,
    although you may have whispered it in the night.

    So was it the day you looked up from your digging... more »