• A Beautiful Dream

    A beautiful dream, awaken within me,
    In the night, dewdrops waited upon trees;
    Sounds like music from celestial orchestra,
    Lulled by the moonlight passing in the breeze.... more »

  • A Beautiful Ghost

    Unwrap smile tattoo the imprints
    Left by hurts of abuse, you have reaped.
    mesmerized in hauntings thoughts
    The pain goes deep into paralyzed sleep.... more »

  • A Being Abused

    Demeaning words go deep to hide a person from view
    A being abused, locked away in a jarring prison,
    dwell as a frozen recluse in basins of less value,
    wishing the nightmare would go into oblivion.... more »

  • A Better Destiny

    Remember how it felt?
    The bruise pain woven in your spirit
    When your heart was broken in two,
    You wanted someone just to love you,... more »

  • A Butterfly

    In timely presence
    We become a comforting spirit,
    Reaching out healing fragrance
    In different light as we know it.... more »

  • A Carnal Woman

    Carnal woman has sweet smell of fragrance
    To create the finite atmosphere of fantasy,
    With potent powers and primal ambiance,
    Beguiled intruding hearts entrench in ecstasy.... more »

  • A Cry For Liberty

    We search for a rare providence of grace
    With a colossal sum of gift from God,
    Hope finds a way into the heart of every race,
    Once entangled in a dreadful web.... more »

  • A Cry In The Night

    Your voice kisses the breath of the morning wind
    Snapping in the solemnity that bears a cry unto God.
    Angels have come to earth; that in slumber seemed,
    Were the winds creaking among the faith we once had?... more »

  • A Day Of Reckoning

    A day of reckoning awaits the world,
    more mystical and far more terrifying.
    Where we go, we all go with our soul,
    To the judgment place of reckoning.... more »

  • A Holy Nation

    The Holy Spirit brings me into a state of euphoria,
    I may not have known how to wear the crown
    But in heavenly sunshine there'll be a hallelujah
    Changing robes to wear the gowns we will own.... more »

  • A Horizon Of Stars

    A horizon of stars, shined in the sky, all last night
    The mystery of the heavens took my breath away
    Every ripple reverberating upon a surface of light,
    The exposure of aura attuned my heart to the array.... more »

  • A Jamaican Woman

    I see a Jamaican woman,
    dancing to reggae music,
    She is looking more attractive,
    Taken by different shapes of the body,... more »

  • A Kiss Says It All

    We kiss long before we say goodbye,
    And you feel lasting passion to thrill,
    When there is nothing more to say
    The flavor of love walk tall.... more »

  • A Life Worth Living

    Sweat dripping down into a lingering forge line
    To wrinkled brow nested firm on the fretted face,
    Through the deep fog into the dark murky mind,
    Feeling an aching pain the heart must embrace.... more »

  • A Lifetime Of Treasure

    One day of supernatural favor
    Is worth a lifetime of treasure.
    Retirement is not in the plan,
    It's not my time to demand.... more »

  • A New Age

    Beyond this present strand,
    Herald the dawn of a new age,
    With another incomplete generation,
    And we leave the past to go on pilgrimage.... more »

  • A New Birth

    I have taken another a breath
    since we last spoke
    And I have given birth
    Unveiling a new life to earth... more »

  • A New Head Of Good

    A new spiritual head of good,
    In canvas clothes the royalty clad
    Among principalities divinely stood
    Wave of power in the wand he had.... more »

  • A New Heaven

    What is in the darkness to fear
    What source of light is missing from there?
    How does one free their soul from mischief
    And find the goals they can aim for in life?... more »

  • A Road Full Of Promises

    By the time I found out we were already,
    Too late to change on the road full of promises,
    Hard to let go of things we love and things we try,
    Clutch the shadows in sunset of joy and crisis.... more »

  • A Sacred Gathering

    Shadows swamp the air with a blanket of fog,
    Move mythical clouds from under the dark sky,
    Fitting the past sleekly within our memory,
    Familiar faces buried long ago in the cemetery.... more »

  • A Short Lifetime

    The wattle on a magnificent frigate bird,
    Breathy and short, a tremulous life pout
    Laid out the reviews, calm and filleted,
    With such powers spirit discharged defeat.... more »

  • A Shoulder To Cry Upon

    Always ready to listen, without making judgment,
    you have been supportive when I am feeling alone.
    Whenever I call, you're available when I am in need;
    you become the shoulder I can lean upon for help.... more »

  • A Soft Spring Rain

    From the lower clouds gently falls
    A soft spring rain rejuvenating the air,
    Descend from the sky small miracle
    That we believed renew the atmosphere.... more »

  • A Sonnet Of Solace

    The loss of memory is forgotten in the wind
    The moment we die before our breathe falter,
    We are a fading Spectator struggling to the end,
    And life flushes out the things we cannot alter.... more »