I am a physician who was educated in England and moved to the US in 1968 and to LA in 1976. In addition I am a scholar of the Hebrew Bible, and have written a book, Legal Friction: Law, Narrative and Identity Politics in Biblical Israel, published by Peter Lang Publishing in 2010. I am the father of four children who are all above average, and grandfather of nine exceptional grandchildren.


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My language always is precise,
but I’m prepared to take advice
from people who can’t follow what
I’m saying. When I’m being hot,... more »


A particle in one place sometimes is
affected by one in a distant place,
and though when you are close enough to kiss
you may be far too close to see the face... more »

Abe Vs The Kgb

“Mr. Rosenthal, we’re really not
in any courtroom here, ”
to Abe a K.G.B. hotshot
declared. Abe had no fear... more »

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