• Happiness

    She walks into the room.
    How happy i get.
    I say to myself.
    Happiness is here.... more »

  • Identity

    When I wake up in the morning I think to myself.
    Who am I?
    Getasew I say.
    I look in the mirror confused as if I have never seen myself before.... more »

  • Love

    What is love?
    How should I say it?
    who should I say it to?
    What dose it mean?... more »

  • Madness

    He yells
    you wounder why?
    You yell.
    To say goodbye... more »

  • My Jennifer

    She smiles my knees go weak.
    She laughs and my heart skips a beat.
    She talks and I listen.
    She looks at me how beautiful she looks.... more »

  • Pain

    The pain is overwhelming
    She cries and cries
    The hole gets deeper and deeper
    She cries and cries... more »

  • Parents

    It is my dream,
    To see my parents again,
    It is my dream to grown.
    And live to become the man they want me to be.... more »

  • Perception

    I see it this way.
    you can't see that can you.
    How will we see the real thing if we cant see eye to eye.
    Look again.... more »

  • Perfect

    What is perfect?
    That throw and catch for a touchdown.
    Or the pitch down the middle for a strike.
    Is being perfect an unobtainable dream.... more »

  • Risk

    To work is to risk not succeeding.
    To hope is to risk disappointment.
    risks must be taken
    the greatest risk in life is to risk not working for what you want.... more »

  • Someone

    Soul mates.
    Dose everyone have one?
    If so do you have one?
    She is that someone that makes you smile.... more »

  • The Greatest Poem

    Good poems don't rhyme
    Great poems don't have rhythm
    The greatest poem is not one on paper but said out loud
    Good poems are about flowers and puppies... more »

  • Who Am I?

    Who am I?
    I look in the mirror to find me in the reflection.
    But I am no where to be found.
    I have been told that I am a lot like my father.... more »