Ghi Palmares Poems

A Waste

I am a leaf clinging to a tree,
Thrown by the wind in a tempestuous sea.
Troubled in the night in search of survival,
Undecided, whether to face the trial.... more »

In Her Storm

Like a shallow space inside my heart,
A huge void created, when lovers depart.... more »

L Found A Friend In You

lt's nice to know,
l found a friend in you.
Who shares the laughters,
And the tantrums too.... more »

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Comments about Ghi Palmares

Princess Lubag 21 Jul 2005 07:55
hi mare! the 2 poems are good stuff. what inspired u to write them though? was that how u felt? life's been good to u naman, diba? anyway, i guess the bottom line is that you're leaving whatever reason you had for writing them behind... God's great mare! am sure He's cooking up some more surprises for u.... a wedding? could be... :) cheer up! cess