• 021

    l can always count on you for your eyes.
    When everything turns ugly,
    You see the beauty inside.... more »

  • A Song For Liza

    Today l'll write a tune for you,
    Make it sweet and mellow too.
    Arrange the words l need to say,
    Let them tell how you change my day.... more »

  • A Timeless Bond

    Turning back the hands of time,
    Has never been easy for most.
    So many things didn't meet their prime,
    But we know it's all part of the cost.... more »

  • A Waste

    I am a leaf clinging to a tree,
    Thrown by the wind in a tempestuous sea.
    Troubled in the night in search of survival,
    Undecided, whether to face the trial.... more »

  • A Waste...Too

    Lost, like a wind without direction,
    In the vast horizon,
    Caught amidst all the rejections.... more »

  • And You Didn'T...

    You didn't call.
    You didn't write.
    You didn't bring me cheer,
    ln the sadness of the night.... more »

  • Her Ever Changing Moods

    Loud and proud,
    Her voice stands out,
    From one corner of the cloud,
    To the point where thunder shouts.... more »

  • In Her Storm

    Like a shallow space inside my heart,
    A huge void created, when lovers depart.... more »

  • L Found A Friend In You

    lt's nice to know,
    l found a friend in you.
    Who shares the laughters,
    And the tantrums too.... more »

  • Meeting Halfway

    l am here,
    You are there.
    Somewhere in the middle,
    We'll both be there.... more »

  • So Close...Yet So Far

    Reaching for you,
    ls like reaching for the stars.
    How l'd like to run to,
    So close, yet so far.... more »

  • The Art Of Letting Go

    How can l forget,
    The day that we first met?
    When all we shared was a friendly smile,
    A moment's chat, to last for a while.... more »

  • The Artiste

    When you're lost,
    Out of direction,
    l'll be your guide,
    T'wards your destination.... more »

  • The Gift

    Just like the rain,
    Your presence refreshes me.
    And all of the pain,
    Disappears, suddenly.... more »

  • The Promise

    With just a sigh,
    you came into my life,
    to rescue me,
    from this bitter strife.... more »

  • The Shelter

    Lean on me
    when you're lost and forgotten,
    I will stand by you,
    to ease your burden.... more »

  • The Warrior

    A mother, a wife and a sister,
    to her family, there is no other.
    who brings joy and laughter,
    and warm hugs to remember.... more »

  • 'Thought Lt Was You

    All my life,
    l've devoted myself.
    ln search of a friend,
    To stick with me 'til the end... more »

  • Wonted

    lt is not rare,
    l stop and stare,
    To think of you,
    And all the things you do.... more »