• A Darkly Gleaming Augury

    A pale and ethereal dream sowing shimmer,
    Do gleam and shine from your dark hair again.
    Black silky strands woven altogether,
    They braid a hazy augury in mane.... more »

  • Aigre-Douce

    Naquirent encore ce matin des rêves étoilés,
    Tes doigts longs et suaves cachés contre les miens,
    Frais vertiges caressants aux arômes épicés,
    Dérobant mon cœur au vent du bonheur lointain.... more »

  • La Valse Morte

    Que la lune est si calme,
    Quand le vent s’adoucit.
    Que la lune est si blême,
    Qu’Orion en pâlit.... more »

  • Sad Tea

    The eyes empty, I stare persistently,
    At the white and continuously high,
    Toned pitch whistle of the dull electric kettle.
    Such a blind and sad sigh.... more »

  • 有缘吗?

    Blessed be the superb Adam or the first fool,
    Who in his shameful burden and vain sins,
    Beknew the most imperviously hidden secret,
    The unbent discernment of right and wrong.... more »