• A Dozen Memories...

    Roses, a dozen, fill the room
    The deepest of red, the perfect bloom
    The scent so strong, so beautifully sweet
    A warm reminder until next we meet... more »

  • A Memo To A Dear Friend

    We choose alternate paths in life
    when things go wrong.
    Trying to find a solution
    but finding none...... more »

  • A Picture My Captive

    I see your smile
    Your eyes
    Your lips
    A picture I can’t seem to let go... more »

  • A Plea

    Time to let go
    Time to move on
    Time to smile again
    Time to have fun... more »

  • All Alone....

    I’m here
    I’m me
    Knowing what I want
    Not knowing how to be... more »

  • As The Autumn Turns To Winter,

    Memories are all I have…..

    Autumn is in the air, changing the colour of the leaves,
    Lining the streets in vibrant reds and yellows.... more »

  • As The Time Comes To Say Goodbye

    The boat sets sail
    Sun shining bright
    A magnificent summer’s day... more »

  • Can Dreams Come True?

    My mind is racing
    jumping ahead
    Need to reign it in
    but daydreaming instead... more »

  • Cloaked Venom

    Your eyes hypnotise me,
    Your presence takes my breath away,
    Then you smile
    And I’ll do anything to make you stay.... more »

  • Darkness

    Shattered, broken, the night drawing out
    In bits scattered, darkness crawling in
    A cloud of smoke
    Another night... more »

  • Despair

    Everything tingles excitement
    Falling in love
    Don’t need food
    Love keeps me going…... more »

  • Don’t Deny Us This

    I’m not asking you for a future
    Merely the here and now
    Is there any chance you want the same?
    To find more time together somehow...... more »

  • Drifting Through Time....

    Couples fight and argue
    Hurt one another
    Make each other cry
    I feel lucky... more »

  • Empty Sorrow

    Another spring morning coming to light
    It’s early
    The world still in slumber... more »

  • Feeling Whole Again

    You walked into my life
    So unexpectedly
    A chance encounter
    A match so not meant to be... more »

  • Fly Away

    Now I am here
    Soon I’ll be there

    No reason to shop... more »

  • Friend Or Foe?

    Another drink to numb to the pain
    Fill the empty void inside.
    The bottle my comfort
    Seeking answers at the end.... more »

  • Hope…

    Like ice gets scraped off the windscreen every day
    My heart has been broken in every way

    As the clocks turn with every second a chime... more »

  • How Easy It All Seemed Then

    How can something so easy with youth
    Become so difficult with age
    Patience out the window
    Although it is meant to be a strong skill with years... more »

  • If I Knew…..

    If I knew happiness was coming my way
    Would I still choose to be consumed by misery
    If I knew love was to be mine again
    Would I still feel so alone now... more »

  • If Only I Knew....

    I so want to let my guard down
    Break down this wall around my heart
    Yet I am afraid of the hurt to follow.
    Though I fear even worse... more »

  • If Only You Were Here

    If only
    you were here
    We could walk in the snow
    Holding hands so tight... more »

  • Is What We Have Worth Fighting For?

    My feeling toward you grow stronger as each day passes
    I long for your company
    But still happy for time on my own
    I find myself waiting for your call and your visit... more »

  • Knowing...Or Do I

    Knowing you love me
    Why do I question the lack of reply
    Knowing you miss me
    Why does my doubt grow as the days go by... more »

  • Missed Opportunities….

    Last night I had an early night
    In bed by nine
    All was ok
    My world was fine... more »