• 1922

    The year is 1922, And all I want to do is party with you
    Hollywood Boulevard, Let's go off somewhere far
    Run off just to elope
    'Cause we just don't want to go on alone... more »

  • A Song To Remember

    You and I share memories bittersweet
    Images as vivid as evergreen
    Know what you want, Emotions ever so keen
    Love to come to you, You're the sweetest treat... more »

  • Amethyst

    Underneath these scars stands innocence
    With a kid who has no way out
    Blows his stress away with resonance
    Turns it to smoke and leaves him stout... more »

  • At Large

    Those I used to know want me put away
    To keep me from losing my sanity
    Telling me I'm moving with vanity
    Go ahead and try to do what you say... more »

  • Attentiondeficit

    Listen to what you have to say
    I think not
    But watching mermaids by the bay
    And unicorns trot... more »

  • Cold Blooded

    Cold blooded and self indulgent
    I may love you for the moment
    But you're the epitome of a dead heart
    Turning what you do into an art... more »

  • Contralto

    Little girl, Quiet and all alone
    With herself she tries to atone
    Precious soul more than an emerald jewel, Used as a tool
    She let's it be, Hiding in her oak tree... more »

  • Curtain Call

    I want to live the rest of my life lavish
    Want everybody to know who I am
    On the way, rising above the lashes
    Everybody knows that I am the man... more »

  • Darling Divine

    Darling Divine, Won't you be mine
    The exact way that your eyes shine
    And the way both your hips roll
    Exuberating to my soul... more »

  • Diamond In The Rough

    You truly are a diamond in the rough
    No matter what happens, you still stay true
    Never back out when things start to get tough
    You will never give up all the way through... more »

  • Fireflies

    Come with me to catch these fireflies
    Go towards the light to see what what lies
    Beyond these broken walls
    No worries for no one ever falls... more »

  • I Told You So

    I'd hate to be the bearer of bad news
    But you are beginning to become soft
    Complaining all about your malt shop blues
    One girl and you leave yourself in the loft... more »

  • Mosh

    Ride with Michael, Until the sun
    Acting like we don't know no one
    With the whole city undone
    Brutes around like Huns... more »

  • November's Lost

    To everyone I used to know and is lost and gone
    I pray that you will be found and rest in piece forever long
    November's lost, Never to be forgotten
    Taken from us by the cold and rotten... more »

  • Paradise Falls

    I'm going to be sitting there living
    my life
    Surrounded by the rubble
    Tired of living by the knife... more »

  • Purple Dream Pt. Ii

    I have a reoccurring dream of what used to be
    Cloaked in purple, There you stood
    Doing for me all you could
    How you took away all of my stress... more »

  • Q

    Q, The right hand man
    To nobody, I am who I am
    Soul causer of a vicious cycle
    Of horrid, atrocious behavior... more »

  • Remember Me Ii

    Remember me? The kid you never cared for
    I am here to finally settle the score
    Even though you are in the alleyways
    You forever are my hate for days... more »

  • Ruin Me

    This will be the ruin of me
    I only wish I could've seen
    The old me would've been disappointed
    After all the things he had jointed... more »

  • Second Coming

    Starting to feel a little emotionless
    In prone again, I'm motionless
    Think I need something that truly knows me
    Something that will never leave... more »

  • Shoobie Doo Bop (Doo Wop)

    I'm only as amazing as I left myself be
    Let my mind wander so the light I can finally see
    See now baby I made this far
    And i did it with you my shining star... more »

  • Southern Lights

    You and I, Living out old dreams
    When you were my Waikiki Queen
    And I began to gleam
    You and I, You showed me the light... more »

  • Thank You, Maria

    It's been a long journey, You and me
    You're the one that stayed only
    From that Purple Dream to the Northern Lights
    Our Blue Dream and the Southern Lights... more »

  • Used To

    Do you know the feeling woe
    Of having your soul die slow
    From inner hate and being your own foe... more »

  • What Could'Ve Been Pt. Ii

    I always end up doing this to myself
    Finding my own special queen
    And for some reason by any means
    I always lose them, Leaving me with nothing left... more »