• deeper Throw

    Sojourn from the hedge of destiny
    turning off the trail of a lonely road
    succumbing to air unspeakable scorch
    while walking like a pedgy-hedgy trowl!... more »

  • the Ring Not Her Own But Hers

    Bounded by the sense of disbeliefs
    amid friendship or any-
    the spurs of the moment queried
    on the worn glittering gold ring;... more »

  • ? Ysircopyh?

    It's been the mother of pride:
    the energizer of stiffneckedness,
    a piercing pin of lewdness,
    a coagulator of abominations,... more »

  • A Blue Angel

    Beyond every breath of heart
    An angel draw a tear;
    in her own way of sensing,
    she gave the best of things.... more »

  • A Dreamer's Wild Imagination

    It was as if a quick withdraw:
    A nice fitting, a nice candle glow,
    Lighted up a way in darkness shines
    Foretold no beginning, nor sparkled lines.... more »

  • A Friend And A Brother

    I was groping for a friend
    in a net of eyes by the tube;
    I was looking for a brother
    in a heart of dearness as old;... more »

  • A Journey Of Everything New

    In my childhood,
    the journey was a perilous one:
    full of hardships, pains and tears.
    In my adulthood,... more »

  • A Search For A True Friend

    At the highways of woes
    a traveller viewed the wind blows,
    as he climb up a fearful trail
    on top of a mountain or a hill.... more »

  • A Searching Beyond The Entanglement

    It was sporadically laid upon mountains
    as it is so with hills, valleys and more;
    It was splendidly crafted by clean hands
    as it weirdfully crumble beneath, alone... more »

  • A Star Shines Upon Yourself

    The morning star have shined anew
    More brightly like a mountain glow
    Unnotice as it were seen well apart
    For the eyes of a believer a bond... more »

  • A Thousand Smile From You

    I've walked a long way to field
    I can't forget that simple smile
    in your face;... more »

  • A Tune Of A Breaking Heart

    Why is the wind timidly blow this day
    that flowers are mantled by the clouds?
    Why is the sun shines late its normal track
    that days’r emptied by dawning light knocks;... more »

  • Across That Universe

    Across that Universe…
    Events have logged down the lawn
    Of grass as it weirdfully looms;
    Beneath the shallow hole in the sky... more »

  • Ah, Maggots!

    Hunted down by unknown tracters... more »

  • Andrea

    The innocence of your looks
    trimmed every inch of sadness
    as we envy your freedom
    in doing everything without... more »

  • Angel From Home

    She's sweet as a honey on a bacon
    fitted like icings on a cake;
    So cloudy, bloomy, and easy
    in her own world in calvary.... more »

  • Angelic Light

    I’m gone, confused.
    Things are now rightly blinded.
    It occurred last time.
    But,... more »

  • Anger

    A sweeping evil from an unknown thought
    measuring things unwittingly judged;
    A candlestick of mistakes from right,
    unswerving malady of any particulars... more »

  • Anger?

    Corrupted vision under a swaddling blind
    to things unable and things hard to find;
    impatience is a virtue to its clogging kind
    penetrating hearts of stone in boldness clime!... more »

  • Babylon

    The Redemption

    By the time the day of the Lord
    will clinch its final throb;... more »

  • Birth Pains (To The Mothers Of The World)

    Oh happy days, we chide the voluptuous
    memories began by youthful inclinations
    the gleeful hours not wasted beyond,
    easy way nor hard-knocked plays.... more »

  • Blank Sensation

    The tiny dots about the shorelines
    paddles a penny bundle that bind;
    it's delightful substance creeping to lay
    and the bottom was wide like black clay.... more »

  • Broken Light Spin

    The tempest land its brutal anger
    On the face of thinner squall, a gentle fair
    Up above the sky, a revolting air;
    Bringing down a wrath of nature... more »

  • Bulrushes

    Silent as they've grown in deep water's bed
    seeing up above the bottom, down a sledge
    their short-sight shoots, its branches zooms
    to tame the blue sky as it blooms.... more »

  • Change? ...

    It is a perilous venture to an unknown
    where the living world is limitless
    like weeds from a faraway land
    dreaming...and hoping...... more »