• Licia Sonnets 01

    Bright matchless star, the honour of the sky,
    From whose clear shine heaven's vault hath all his light,
    I send these poems to your graceful eye;
    Do you but take them, and they have their right.... more »

  • Licia Sonnets 02

    Weary was love and sought to take his rest,
    He made his choice, upon a virgin's lap;
    And slyly crept from thence unto her breast,
    Where still he meant to sport him in his hap;... more »

  • Licia Sonnets 03

    The heavens beheld the beauty of my queen,
    And all amazed, to wonder thus began:
    "Why dotes not Jove, as erst we all have seen,
    And shapes himself like to a seemly man?... more »

  • Licia Sonnets 04

    Love and my love did range the forest wild,
    Mounted alike, upon swift coursers both.
    Love her encountered, though he was a child.
    "Let's strive," saith he, whereat my love was wroth,... more »

  • Licia Sonnets 05

    Love with her hair my love by force hath tied,
    To serve her lips, her eyes, her voice, her hand;
    I smiled for joy, when I the boy espied
    To lie unchained and live at her command.... more »

  • Licia Sonnets 06

    My love amazed did blush herself to see,
    Pictured by art, all naked as she was.
    "How could the painter know so much by me,
    Or art effect what he hath brought to pass?... more »

  • Licia Sonnets 08

    Hard are the rocks, the marble, and the steel,
    The ancient oak with wind and weather tossed;
    But you, my love, far harder do I feel
    Than flint, or these, or is the winter's frost.... more »

  • Licia Sonnets 09

    Love was laid down, all weary fast asleep,
    Whereas my love his armor took away;
    The boy awaked, and straight began to weep,
    But stood amazed, and knew not what to say.... more »

  • Licia Sonnets 10

    A painter drew the image of the boy,
    Swift love, with wings all naked, and yet blind;
    With bow and arrows, bent for to destroy;
    I blamed his skill, and fault I thus did find... more »

  • Licia Sonnets 11

    In Ida vale three queens the shepherd saw,
    Queens of esteem, divine they were all three,
    A sight of worth. But I a wonder shaw,
    Their virtues all in one alone to be.... more »

  • Licia Sonnets 12

    I wish sometimes, although a worthless thing,
    Spurred by ambition, glad to aspire,
    Myself a monarch, or some mighty king,
    And then my thoughts do wish for to be higher.... more »

  • Licia Sonnets 13

    Enamored Jove commanding did entreat
    Cupid to wound my love, which he denied,
    And swore he could not for she wanted heat
    And would not love, as he full oft had tried.... more »

  • Licia Sonnets 14

    My love lay sleeping, where birds music made,
    Shutting her eyes, disdainful of the light;
    The heat was great but greater was the shade
    Which her defended from his burning sight.... more »

  • Licia Sonnets 15

    I stood amazed, and saw my Licia shine,
    Fairer than Phoeligbus, in his brightest pride,
    Set forth in colors by a hand divine,
    Where naught was wanting but a soul to guide.... more »

  • Licia Sonnets 16

    Grant, fairest kind, a kiss unto thy friend!
    A blush replied, and yet a kiss I had.
    It is not heaven that can such nectar send
    Whereat my senses all amazed were glad.... more »

  • Licia Sonnets 17

    As are the sands, fair Licia, on the shore,
    Or colored flowers, garlands of the spring,
    Or as the frosts not seen, not felt before,
    Or as the fruits that autumn forth doth bring;... more »

  • Licia Sonnets 18

    I swear, fair Licia, still for to be thine,
    By heart, by eyes, by what I held most dear;
    Thou checked mine oath, and said: these were not mine,
    And that I had no right by them to swear.... more »

  • Licia Sonnets 19

    That time, fair Licia, when I stole a kiss,
    From off those lips, where Cupid lovely laid,
    I quaked for cold, and found the cause was this:
    My life which loved, for love behind me staid.... more »

  • Licia Sonnets 20

    First did I fear, when first my love began,
    Possessed in fits by watchful jealousy
    I sought to keep what I by favor won,
    And brooked no partner in my love to be.... more »

  • Licia Sonnets 21

    Licia my love was sitting in a grove,
    Tuning her smiles unto the chirping songs,
    But straight she spied where two together strove,
    Each one complaining of the other's wrongs.... more »

  • Licia Sonnets 22

    I might have died before my life begun,
    Whenas my father for his country's good
    The Persian's favor and the Sophey won
    And yet with danger of his dearest blood.... more »

  • Licia Sonnets 23

    My love was masked, and armed with a fan,
    To see the sun so careless of his light,
    Which stood and gazed, and gazing waxéd wan
    To see a star himself that was more bright.... more »

  • Licia Sonnets 24

    When as my love lay sickly in her bed,
    Pale death did post in hope to have a prey;
    But she so spotless made him that he fled;
    "Unmeet to die," she cried, and could not stay.... more »

  • Licia Sonnets 25

    Seven are the lights that wander in the skies,
    And at these seven, I wonder in my love.
    So see the moon, how pale she doth arise,
    Standing amazed, as though she durst not move;... more »

  • Licia Sonnets 26

    I live, sweet love, whereas the gentle wind
    Murmurs with sport in midst of thickest boughs,
    Where loving woodbine doth the harbor bind,
    And chirping birds do echo forth my vows;... more »