• A Description Of Justice

    But Justice had no sooner Mercy seen,
    Smoothing the wrinkles of her Fathers brow,
    But up she starts and throwes herself between :
    As when a vapour from a moory slough,... more »

  • A Description Of Mercy

    As when the cheerfull sunne, damping wide
    Glads all the world with his uprising ray,
    And wooes the widow'd earth afresh to pride,
    And paints her bosome with the fiovvrie May,... more »

  • Christ's Triumph After Death (Excerpts)

    But now the second Morning, from her bow'r,
    Began to glister in her beams, and now
    The roses of the day began to flow'r... more »

  • The Heavenly Jerusalem

    Here may the band, that now in triumph shines,
    And that (before they were invested thus)
    In earthly bodies carried heavenly minds,
    Pitched round about in order glorious,... more »

  • Wooing Song

    LOVE is the blossom where there blows
    Every thing that lives or grows:
    Love doth make the Heav'ns to move,
    And the Sun doth burn in love:... more »