• Most Likely The Moon

    In those days when love chilled me
    like a winter's dream,
    I should have stolen kisses from the moon
    Instead of penning blues like harpist or bassist... more »

  • New Dawn

    I sketch the dawn with my mouth,
    Holding between my teeth twitterings,
    And the colours of roosters, alarming... more »

  • Noel

    He did proclaim
    His coming and His name
    Emmanuel... more »

  • Olympia

    Hail Olympia mount of seers
    The endurance of muscle and spittle
    All for a kiss and a flower wears
    Strength of nations exposition-ing... more »

  • Precious

    I never lied to you;
    Now and forever
    my love remains true... more »

  • Quiet Reverie

    sway with the breeze
    the sound of chirpping birds
    soaring high my soul on wings of... more »

  • Rain Fly

    They danced like fairies, under the lamps;
    An unstringed mobile in a windless dawn;
    A stream of morning consciousness swamp,
    Etheral stillness, mesmerizing rhythm,... more »

  • Reflection

    Fom the aeroplane's window, my view
    is of a vast seductive silent sea;
    behoved to stories of pirates told to me;
    Seafaring men of mystery who pursue... more »

  • Reminiscing Grand Anse

    The sea rolled into our hearts,
    A song, an offering of love;
    And as we sat there on the sands,
    Our minds submerged in sunshine,... more »

  • River Ramblings

    smooth stones,
    sharp stones,
    down by the river,... more »

  • Sand And Water

    Returning to shore,
    An ocean and its secrets;
    To ebb the curiosity of quotidian being,
    Whose essence thirst for far off adventures;... more »

  • Scorching Hot

    By midday the sun’s scorching might
    Penetrates the hapless
    Tiniest worth of life in sight
    Sustaining nonetheless... more »

  • Season Of Youth

    Hair thinned and greyed,
    From all those years of enlightment;
    Experienced along a journeyed
    Path of fervent commitment;... more »

  • September Musings

    Through bars of engine roars, a tiny chirp;
    The early breath of day, slowly haled within usurp;
    Even more than a physical hunger have we,
    Poets to sate the inner gnawings become thee;... more »

  • Shadow Figures

    we make shadows,
    not knowing the play of life upon us;
    contrasting skies,... more »

  • Special

    The green grass,
    Neatly manicured,
    I dip my fingers,
    Into the holy water font,... more »

  • Swing

    Have you ever
    Wished you could
    Swing on the
    Chandliers... more »

  • Tea And Ixoras

    Its Monday morning;
    My hands sense the warmth,
    From a flower patterned teacup;
    I walk out to the garden,... more »

  • The Rain

    Of the rain the Word has said
    To us he giveth in due season
    And in the Word i also read
    Of his might and of his reason... more »

  • The Baby Jesus

    There lived a maiden fair,
    A maiden fair was she;
    So full of grace in God's sight,
    In God's sight stood she.... more »

  • The Garden: First Delight

    A pretty garden in sunshine and in rain
    Dahlias, Vanda orchids, Barbados pride
    Lots more, single petalled and double... more »

  • The Watchful Bow

    Peeping through, between puffs of cloud
    A rainbow on a Sunday evening.
    Its banded beauty speaks aloud
    Red orange blue violet - queuing... more »

  • The Waxen Jesus

    Behind shut windows,
    To the wetting November rains,
    Thunder roars into the hearts,
    Of shoppers unpacking baggage;... more »

  • To The Quip

    What a wondrous day of bright sunshine
    To lift hearts of every living being beneath
    Yet such is not the case of this one hine
    Who slips away in cloud covered sheath... more »

  • Tragedy

    ... more »