• Fireworks

    When looking in your eyes,
    I feel loved,
    It feels like I can do anything.... more »

  • Go Away! !

    Why do I have these mixed feelings?
    First I love,
    Then I doubt,
    Then I don't love.... more »

  • I Wonder

    I wonder if he truely loves me.
    He said he did, but I'm having second thoughts.
    I thought I finally found love that loved me back.... more »

  • Love Is...

    Love is when you can't stop
    thinking about a person every
    part of the day.... more »

  • Makes Me Cry

    It makes me cry when I think of him.

    Sometimes I'm happy others I'm sad.... more »

  • Making My Own

    People think since I'm related to her.
    I'll act like her,
    Talk like her,
    Maybe even be her.... more »

  • More Than All The Stars

    Just because,
    I don't see him everyday,
    Or talk to him everyday,
    Doesn't mean I don't think of him.... more »

  • One Little Secret

    Thoughts of not being with out him,
    Has tears pouring down my cheeks.
    I don't wanna HAVE to leave him for something stupid.
    I don't wanna HAVE to leave him at all.... more »

  • Reason

    They show me a bad marriage,
    The yelling, the screaming, the fighting,
    From dawn til` dusk.... more »

  • Tears

    Tears are an important part of life.
    They show when you're happy or sad.
    Just one tear could make you feel ten times better.
    They could releive a whole day of stress.... more »

  • The Mark

    Everynight I stay up thinking about what has happened,
    About the dreams that have been flattened.
    I feel drunken,
    Because my hearts been broken,... more »

  • The Only One

    He's the only one that gives me butterflies.
    The only one that makes my heart skip a beat.

    When I'm down he's the only one that brings me up.... more »

  • This Is How I Know

    The more I hang around you,
    the more I grow attached.

    Whenever I see you,... more »

  • Too Late

    The one time I find someone,
    I can't have him.
    He might want me to'
    But he cant,... more »

  • Watching The Tears Roll Down My Cheeks

    Staying up through the night,
    mirror in hand,
    eyes red and swollen,
    nose all runny,... more »