• An Old Man On The River Bank

    And yet we should consider how we go forward.
    To feel is not enough, nor to think, nor to move
    nor to put your body in danger in front of an old loophole
    when scalding oil and molten lead furrow the walls.... more »

  • Denial

    On the secret seashore
    white like a pigeon
    we thirsted at noon;
    but the water was brackish.... more »

  • Epiphany

    The flowering sea and the mountains in the moon's waning
    the great stone close to the Barbary figs and the asphodels
    the jar that refused to go dry at the end of day
    and the closed bed by the cypress trees and your hair... more »

  • Erotikos Logos

    Rose of fate, you looked for ways to wound us
    yet you bent like the secret about to be released
    and the command you chose to give us was beautiful
    and your smile was like a ready sword.... more »

  • Flowers Of The Rock

    Flowers of the rock facing the green sea
    with veins that reminded me of other loves
    glowing in the slow fine rain,
    flowers of the rock, figures... more »

  • Helen

    Shy nightingale, in the breathing of the leaves,
    you who bestow the forest's musical coolness
    on the sundered bodies, on the souls
    of those who know they will not return.... more »

  • Ii. Mycenae

    I have seen in the night... more »

  • In The Goddess' Name I Summon You

    Oil on limbs,
    maybe a rancid smell
    as on the chapel's
    oil-press here,... more »

  • In The Manner Of G.S.

    On Pelion among the chestnut trees the Centaur's shirt
    slipped through the leaves to fold around my body... more »

  • In The Sea Caves

    In the sea caves
    there's a thirst there's a love
    there's an ecstasy
    all hard like shells... more »

  • Interval Of Joy

    We were happy all that morning
    Ο God how happy.
    First the stones the leaves and the flowers shone
    and then the sun... more »

  • Just A Little More

    Just a little more
    And we shall see the almond trees in blossom
    The marbles shining in the sun
    The sea, the curling waves.... more »

  • Letter Of Mathios Paskalis

    The skyscrapers of New York will never know the coolness that comes down on Kifisia
    but when I see the two cypress trees above your familiar church
    with the paintings of the damned being tortured in fire and brimstone... more »

  • Lost Worlds

    How can you gather together
    the thousand fragments
    of each person?
    What's wrong with the rudder?... more »

  • Mythistorema

    The angel —
    three years we waited for him, attention riveted,
    closely scanning
    the pines the shore the stars.
    One with the blade of the plough or the ship's keel... more »

  • Our Mind Is A Virgin Forest Of Killed Friends...

    'our mind is a virgin forest of killed friends.
    And if I talk to you with fairy tales and parables
    it is because you listen to it more sweetly, and you can't talk of horror because it's alive... more »

  • Our Sun

    This sun was mine and yours; we shared it.
    Who's suffering behind the golden silk, who's dying?
    A woman beating her dry breasts cried out; `Cowards,
    they've taken my children and torn them to shreds, you've... more »

  • Santorini - The Naked Child

    Bend if you can to the dark sea forgetting
    the flute's sound on naked feet
    that trod your sleep in the other, the sunken life.... more »

  • Simplicity..

    ... more »

  • Spring A.D.

    Again with spring
    she wore light colours
    and with gentle steps
    again with spring... more »

  • The Companions In Hades

    Since we still had some hardtack
    how stupid of us
    to go ashore and eat
    the Sun's slow cattle,... more »

  • The Jasmin

    ... more »

  • The King Of Asine

    All morning long we looked around the citadel*
    starting from the shaded side, there where the sea,
    green and without luster—breast of a slain peacock—
    received us like time without an opening in it.... more »

  • The Last Day

    The day was cloudy. No one could come to a decision;
    a light wind was blowing. ‘Not a north-easter, the sirocco,' someone said.
    A few slender cypresses nailed to the slope, and, beyond, the sea... more »

  • The Leaf Of The Poplar

    It trembled so, the wind set it sailing
    it trembled so, how could it not yield to the wind
    far beyond
    the sea... more »