• A Missed Opportunity

    His eyes cry out
    Like no other.
    I want to help him,
    But when I try... more »

  • A Punch To The Stomach

    Grit your teeth,
    Prepare yourself
    Its like a punch to the stomach
    Its bad for your health... more »

  • Boxed In

    Predetermined wrongs and rights
    Govern each and every life.
    Another law is introduced,
    Your sense of self is now reduced.... more »

  • Braces

    Designed to hug your teeth...
    Advances in orthodontic technology
    Leading us ever closer... more »

  • Change Your Ways

    You were given a choice,
    You didn't need to come,
    But now that you've arrived
    There is nowhere you can run.... more »

  • Cold Feet

    I can't do it,
    I really can't do it

    I can do it!... more »

  • Flower

    The flowers outside the window,
    Have withered into crippled buds
    Coffee-stained, white roses,
    Sullied, now impure... more »

  • For Candycloud

    A friend once told me
    That life is a downhill slope
    She also told me that this was okay
    Because she had a mountain bike... more »

  • In Death

    I contemplate my life,
    Each struggle and each strife.

    In death, are we not the same?... more »

  • Inspired By The Reverie Of Poor Susan

    Fly away birdie,
    You know not what you see... more »

  • Invisible Hands

    Invisible hands
    Have sculpted this land,
    Mountains and trees
    And all that you see... more »

  • Learn

    If every movement
    Every action
    Teaches you something
    What am I learning right now?... more »

  • London Life

    I wander through each crowded street
    Bustling and busy is London city
    In vain I attempt to count the feet
    All beauty is lost in each person you meet.... more »

  • Merciful Wind

    Green strips of paper
    Float past outstretched fingertips
    The wind laughs aloud... more »

  • Mondays To Fridays

    Mondays to Fridays, I go to school
    Saturday mornings I train
    Mondays to Fridays I work and I find
    That, later there's an ache in my brain...... more »

  • No Ninjas

    Another night,
    Out on the prowl
    I put on all black
    And my scariest scowl... more »

  • Not Now

    My eyes widen
    And so does my mind,
    When I think
    Of what I might find... more »

  • Now

    It's been
    so long
    years.... more »

  • Oblongs

    Oblongs are NOT real
    They do not exist
    They are only in your mind
    And on pieces of paper... more »

  • Promise Me

    If only you could learn
    The lessons in my mind,
    Without ever having to feel
    The pain that burns within me,... more »

  • Rucus

    Rumblings enter the ever silent
    Universe, where I was coated in an ever silent
    Cocoon of flesh and bone... Delving, never silent
    Under my trembling, inconsolable, no longer silent... more »

  • Sailors Delight..

    Her smile flickers
    And sets
    Across lips
    As red as the sky... more »

  • Scrooge's Redemption

    Years ago
    At Christmas time,
    A lonely man,
    Was known for his crime... more »

  • Soon

    I have spent too long
    In this cage forged by regret
    Will I ever leave?... more »

  • The Ballad Of Echo And Narcissus

    In a land far from here,
    And deep in the past,
    Lived a nymph who could talk... more »