I am settled in Trivandrum with my family. Working as Accounts Officer.I love poems which are simple and can be cherished as " a moment's monument, and a memorial to the dead and deathless hour" .

I used to write poems from my teen age, most of which I have lost in the long run, except the one about my father's death.That poem is posted with the title" A death" in this site.

In the fast pace of life, I lost my poetic ability and at times I used to mourn the tragic death of poetry in me.

Of late, I feel I am slowly coming back to the world of poetry. I am really enthralled to see so many poets are live in this site and some are kind enough to read and comment my poems, new comer though I am.So a feeling of welcome enwraps me here. Thanks to all loving hearts........


Girija KSK Poems

A Solitary Rambler………

Sleep is like an enchanting country,
where often I have no entry………..!

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Unnikrishnan E S 29 Sep 2016 12:32
Ms Girija is a romantic poet par excellence. Her poems, of course, are a little nostalgic when they speak the language of love. And that tinge of nostalgia is what makes them more beautiful.