• A Dream Fulfilled (My First Trail Ride)

    Upon the saddle I am mounted
    My foot in the stirrup is set
    Precious time is happily counted
    a kinder horse have I never met... more »

  • A History Of Dragons

    The mighty wings of the chosen
    The mighty dragons long forgotten
    Above all creatures do they tower
    There lies within them limitless power... more »

  • A Meal At Night

    As the sun sets to bring the night
    The wise old owl hoots in delight
    Spreading his wings in a tired stretch
    He searches for a breakfast that'll be quick to fetch... more »

  • A New Start For My Aching Heart

    Though broken and beaten black and blue
    Here I still offer my heart up to you
    The wounds on my heart from heartbreak gone through,
    Is damage I am hoping that you can undo... more »

  • A Poem For Mothers, And Mine

    The love of a mother is beyond compare
    One who dearly loves and is always there
    From scraped knees
    To falls from trees... more »

  • A Poem Of Hunting, Fishing, And A Truck

    I throw my gun in the back of my truck
    With it I hope to kill a 12-point buck... more »

  • A Restless Night

    My body received rest but my mind was left to wonder
    From reality and reason does it continuously falter
    The dreams I have dreamt are now long forgotten
    They have withered, disappeared, and turned rotten... more »

  • All Love Has Failed Me

    Love I cannot have, for it is love that I fear
    Never again shall I draw someone ever so near
    No longer love will my heart ever hold
    For my heart has hardened and turned ice cold... more »

  • An Average Soldier

    Many have died, many have perished
    But this man has yet to fall
    Gone for months, time that is cherished
    Yet he still answers the call... more »

  • Another Poem For Farewell

    I am tired, oh so tired!
    Which leaves very little to be desired...except to be inspired
    By your presence and your essence
    Heart to Heart and friend to friend... more »

  • Anyone Can Write A Depressing Poem

    I've read enough of heartbreaks and tears
    Even more so of depressions and fears
    I've heard enough of your deaths and rapings
    Even more so than your scars and abusings... more »

  • Dreams Are Dreams And Nothing More

    I am trapped within a population sea
    So much my heart desires to be set free
    Desire for large buildings, I have none
    I want open fields and to see the rising sun... more »

  • Family Comes Together

    Family comes together
    For always and forever
    In sickness and in health
    In poverty or in wealth... more »

  • Hail Dragon!

    Hail dragon! Predator of the air
    Do not rejoice, do nothing but despair
    For you are gone oh dragon, passed into legend
    For the merciless warriors of old you could not contend... more »

  • Homeland (I Do Not Dwell In The Past)

    People speak of homeland as the countries that bore their ancestors
    They speak of pride, tradition, and origins of predecessors
    I have no interest in where I came from, or a family history
    The past should stay the past: an unsolved mystery... more »

  • I Am (Emotion)

    I am tired
    tired of the walls closed around me
    tired of blindness when I wish to see
    I am scared... more »

  • I Am (Emotion) Ii

    I am happy
    Happy with the life I have been living
    Happy with the kindness I have been giving
    I am thankful... more »

  • I Call My Maiden Home

    I am calling my maiden home
    For in a distant land does she roam
    There is no distance between us too great
    For our meeting is bound by undeniable fate... more »

  • I Don’t Like Her, But Can’t Help To Love Her

    My sister is someone who I cannot comprehend
    Never in my wildest dreams could I ever call her “Friend”
    I can easily say we do not get along
    She argues, she fights, she hates to be wrong... more »

  • Just Another Heartbroken Poem

    Here I sit lonely and heartbroken
    Because of love so freely spoken
    I loved her, I think she loved me
    But face to face we never did see... more »

  • Laments And Longing For A Friend

    Where have you gone my dearest friend
    It seems it has been forever
    My love for you shall never end
    A bond of friendship no one can sever... more »

  • Lifetime Animal Center (Aka My Place Of Employment)

    Please come in! “Sit! ” “Stay! ”
    Come let us make sure your pet is A-O-K
    Dentals? Checkups? We’ll do both!
    “For the Lifetime of Your Pet” as says our oath... more »

  • Love Unchanged

    I once asked you to marry me for my love had no end
    I thought we'd always be together, then you called me 'friend'
    I was called your fiancee, but your brother I became
    Yet my endless love for you, has always been the same... more »

  • My Forbidden Love

    I love a girl with hair of red
    “Keep your distance” her father said
    Our only contact, within the church
    More ways to talk we constantly search... more »

  • My Maiden Who Came By Night

    For you my heart burns like a dragon's fire!
    Fueling all my love, affection, and desire
    Eagerly I wait, to be in your embrace
    To feel your soft touch, to gaze upon your face... more »