• Never Truly Been Kissed

    I have never been kissed
    At least, not in the way I wished
    The thought of it is quite depressing
    The memory of it is quite revolting... more »

  • Oh Dreary Night

    Oh dreary night full of darkness and despair
    Perfect night, for pondering what I see as unfair
    Cold air breathed, so pure and refreshing
    Thus my thoughts come, troublesome and depressing... more »

  • Personalities (A Mind In Perfect Balance)

    Darkness has become more frequent in my life
    I do not know why, or from where
    I struggle through life with difficulty and strife... more »

  • Preserving A Friendship (Not Letting Emotions Get In The Way)

    Depart from me not my dearest friend
    My feelings for you are to the end
    Many boundries broken, much trust gained
    has created one of the best friendships ever obtained... more »

  • The Anger Trapped Within

    I do not express my anger
    I prefer to be at peace
    I go away from present danger
    and my problems begin to cease... more »

  • The Cadence

    As the rain falls, I long for your presence, I cannot bare to be apart
    The rain is a cadence, that balms my aching heart.
    As I ride in the arena, I think of your horse, friendship like a work of art
    The hoof beats are a cadence, that balms my aching heart... more »

  • The Dragon's Warning

    Our fires burn with a fearless rage!
    They burn at the humans in this cursed age
    From friends to hunted the dragons soon became
    We are now called 'beast' and by no other name... more »

  • The Horsewatcher

    See that man on top of the hill
    See how quiet, see how still
    See how he watches keen of eye
    See how he blends into the sky... more »

  • The Random Practicing Of A High School Band

    As I listen to the noise around me
    I arrive at a loss
    No order do I see
    All around is chaos... more »

  • The Warrior's Pain Of War

    War has caused me much pain
    By peace only will I abide
    Thoughts of battle make me insane
    My sword lays forgotten by my side... more »

  • To Me What Family Is

    Family to me has many meanings
    For all are full of diverse feelings
    Love and anger, both within a single one
    Children who stay and children who run... more »

  • Waiting For The End (Patience Is Truly A Virtue)

    Patience is a virtue, especially when you wait for death
    do not rush to die! cling to every last breath
    Your life upon this earth is but your only one
    Tomorrow could very well be-your last rising sun... more »

  • Watching The Storm

    Lightning flashes, I hear the thunder's drum
    I stand transfixed by this hypnotic thrum
    Dark clouds veil the sky, I feel great fear
    The wind whips about me, 'will the sky ever again be clear? '... more »

  • What Is This Feeling?

    Words cannot describe how I feel
    My knees weaken, my heart beats fast
    This feeling within me is so real
    How much I hope it will last... more »

  • Winter Begins

    Darkness descends on this town I'm in
    So full of purity, yet so full of sin
    Winger begins rearing her ugly face
    Soon very soon I'll feel her bitter embrace... more »

  • Wishing I Was A Dragon

    I wish I could be a dragon
    winged beast of legend with piercing stare
    the power I would have I can only imagine
    But for sure it is beyond compare... more »

  • Wishing I Was A Horse

    I wish I could be a horse
    running through endless plain
    No trails and no set course
    Feeling naught but wind in my mane... more »

  • Wishing I Was A Songbird

    I wish I could be a songbird
    but not just to gracefully fly
    for in the morning, emotions stirred
    I would sing my song to the sky... more »