• A Great Day To Tell!

    Oh! what a great day to write,
    This happy state ill recite.
    To everyone who could admire,
    The beauty of this place where we read and lie.... more »

  • Dreamers Alley

    There is always a place for our insanity,
    In the vast, wild ocean of the dreamers alley,
    Where the light is green on a bed of opulence…
    Change and choose to an extend diversity.... more »

  • Lines

    thousand of lines
    got to write down,
    foretold write-up's
    love pattern flows.... more »

  • -pretty/Ugly.... (Dreamland)

    she that pretty/ugly seems to flutter
    (while on tip'n-toe'n and cross-hop'n; aloft) ,
    (to her dreamy-swamp^n)
    froggy-spleen kick her almost to that portal-streamin'...... more »

  • Sour Grapes

    I've thought it was a sea and known to it a salt;
    I'd looked deep in the light probably the darkest of nights;
    As claimed west is the right path, but life in it on my pleasant land;
    Like the more run to a rain, effects of worse water gain.... more »

  • Undying Photo

    A photo and her thousand smiles...
    That hides in this ridiculous world,
    A last glance to say goodbye...
    Forever that moment will stay high.... more »

  • Wishful Nights

    As the night assures a quite break for everyone,
    Together with its soft-sparkling stars of hopes
    (that keep us to breathe)
    The sky of everlasting crown shelters,... more »