• Always Be There For You

    I love you my baby,
    you all I'm thinking of,
    you never have to worry about me leaving you,
    as your the only one I want.... more »

  • Behind My Smile

    Behind my smile,
    There is you,
    You make me laugh so much,
    I know our love is true.... more »

  • Better Than A Dream Come True

    You are better than a dream come true,
    You really rock my world,
    Never thought id find a man like you,
    You are too good to be true.... more »

  • Do Anything To See You Smile

    Please don't ever cry,
    As it would break my heart,
    Take my hand and everything will be okay,
    I will kiss your pain away.... more »

  • Falling Apart

    Tears are streaming from my eyes,
    As you walk away,
    Hearing the door slam,
    Feeling my heart break.... more »

  • For The Greatest Man Alive

    I love you so much,
    Words do not express how I feel,
    I sometimes have to pinch myself,
    To know this is real.... more »

  • Found My Mr Right

    I never really find the right words to say,
    Because every day you seem to blow me away,
    You are so caring and so kind,
    You simply take over my mind.... more »

  • Got To Stop This

    You've got to stop this girl,
    Losing your temper so easily,
    Arguing over anything,
    You've lost who you used to be.... more »

  • I Always....

    I always want to be your girl,
    The one who who makes you smile,
    I always want to be your world,
    The one who holds you tight.... more »

  • I Love The Way

    I love the way you make me smile,
    Even when I'm sad,
    I love the way you calm me down,
    Even when I'm mad.... more »

  • I Love You Crazily

    I love you immensely,
    And every day my love grows,
    I can't stop how deeply I feel about you,
    I never will let you go.... more »

  • In Your Arms

    When I am in your arms,
    I feel so safe and secure,
    When you hold me tight,
    I forget how depressing the world can be.... more »

  • Love And Hate

    I love him so much,
    But I hate him as well,
    I want to be close to him,
    But the pain makes me stay away.... more »

  • Memories

    Sitting in slilence,
    Time just passes by,
    Thinking of all the things we have been through,
    Some memories make me happy,... more »

  • No Matter What Happens

    No matter what happens,
    We will always pull through,
    We have a love so strong,
    That together we can do anything.... more »

  • Perfection

    Looking in to your gorgeous eyes,
    I see pure perfection,
    You make my heart skip a beat,
    with every glance you give me.... more »

  • See The Pain Through My Eyes

    Always trying to be strong,
    Keeping my feelings inside,
    But my eyes tell a different story,
    Of the pain I cannot hide.... more »

  • This Girl Hides

    Waking up,
    My body wont let me rise,
    Lying there,
    Forever wanting to hide.... more »

  • To Michael

    To Michael,
    The man of my dreams,
    I love you so much,
    You're everything I need.... more »

  • To The Most Special Person In My Life

    This is to the most special person in my life,
    And you know who you are,
    I am writing this to tell you I love you,
    And that you are my shinning star.... more »

  • Too Good Too Be True

    Never have I felt so much love,
    My heart is completely yours,
    You take over my mind, body and soul,
    Without you I wouldn't be whole.... more »

  • You And Me

    You and me were meant to be,
    You hold my heart only you have the key,
    You release my soul and set it free,
    Never will I leave thee.... more »

  • You Know

    You know how to make me smile,
    You know how to make me sad,
    You know everything about me,
    You're the best i've ever had.... more »