• A True Friend Means To Me..

    To me a true friend is someone you can lean on when you need support,
    someone that will catch you when you're unsteady
    To me a true friend is here to help you with a problem,
    if they know how to solve it... more »

  • A World Of Hate

    A world of HATE is what this is.
    When you say you HATE someone
    That's not what you really mean
    You're talking about something else... more »

  • African To African

    I am African,
    You are African
    We are African
    So many poor lives at risk each day,... more »

  • Always In My Memory

    I'll always have a scrapbook in my memory
    Of people I love,
    Moments I treasure,
    Places of the past,... more »

  • Beauty In Our World

    The beauty this woman holds I can't see
    Her face is ill-favored
    And skin and as rough as melted rock
    The hair hangs on her face, dying like a plant that... more »

  • Daddy's Girl

    A walk down memory lane..............

    My dad gazed in my eyes when they opened for the first time,
    His look said that he loved his girl... more »

  • God Can Be..... But He Is Here

    GOD can be a Christian
    GOD can be a Jew
    GOD can even not be real
    But GOD is here for YOU... more »

  • Life Word(Edited Into My Own Treasure)

    Life is a challenge, accept it
    Life is a wish, want it
    Life is a book, read it and observe
    Life is a fight, battle it... more »

  • One Pair Of Tears

    Tears I cry, of sadness
    Tears, they fall, of madness
    Gently dripping down my nose and cheeks.... more »

  • Racist: I Have Saw Discrimination

    Don't be a hater, a racist, evil
    because I SAW discrimination
    One day not so long ago a white man walked into a cafe'
    and rudely asked a BLACK man to leave the seat... more »

  • Rainbow{real! }

    I saw three rainbows in one hour.{Real}

    I tasted the flavors of cherry red... more »

  • Reality Prince

    I'm sure every girl dreamed of their Prince Charming already,
    But I give a word of advice
    Wait for your reality prince instead
    And you won't get hurt... more »

  • The Boy Next Door

    He'd knock on my door
    From the day he moved next
    And give me that grin of his
    My heart was pulled into a hex.... more »

  • To Live Or Not To Live

    To live and to be free,
    Not to live and have more rights.
    To live in a place where traffic won't stop,
    Not to live where all is too quiet... more »