Gonçalo Manuel Tavares 1970

Gonçalo M. Tavares was born in August, 1970. He is an Epistemology Teacher.

He published his first book in December 2001. In the last two years, he has published several other books – poetry, plays, short fiction, novels.

He won the Ler/Círculo de Leitores BCP Award with his book Jerusalem (Círculo de Leitores), the Branquinho da Fonseca Award (Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation and Expresso newspaper) with his book “Mr. Valéry” (Editorial Caminho) and the Poetry Award of Portuguese Writers Association, with his book “Investigations. Novalis.” (Editora Difel). He published the following novels: “A man: Klaus Klump” (November 2003, Editorial Caminho), “Joseph Walser´s machine” (April 2004, Editorial Caminho)and Biblioteca (April 2004, Campo das Letras).



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