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Hi Sasha just a few words to say you are a great funny witty clever meastro of the rhyming word a friend indeed......never the less I hope you have a yearning for learning so at your young age you get on in life so you earn plenty of loot for the young lady you will meet in the future all the best Ken e Hall PS I call you Sasha after our beautiful loving cat who would not put his claw to any dickie bird a male cat so loving now in heaven whose name is in yours
Shashendra... You have performed and incrediabl mariage of words and thoughts. You are truly a poet that reaches ones heart and soul. I wish you well. Jasper
Shan...such a great poet indeed...his voice it through his he doesn't need to speak...the poems that he writes says it all! ! He's a wonderful person and truely an amazing friend...he's the best friend I could ever have... Lot's and lot's of love, =) Jaz
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